That Boy Is About as Sharp as a Wet Noodle…

20140428_144615That is a quote from one of my favorite cartoon characters, Foghorn Leghorn. The end of the quote is “…and just about as useful.” I love Looney Tunes! I grew up watching them every Saturday morning – I would sit rapt in front of the television absorbing every movement of those animated creatures and their crazy antics. I even spent considerable time wondering if I could order something from Acme to drop on my sister’s head.

In case you’re wondering, I could not.

Those cartoons are The Gold Standard. I have to say that no other cartoons since have measured up. Believe it or not, my family owns all the Looney Tunes on DVD. My husband bought them one Christmas as a family gift. My children can quote them from memory, as can my husband. I’m not so bad myself.

In fact, my husband frustrated the stuffing out of me one day with his Looney Tunes knowledge. I had asked my husband to take the garbage out at least three times that day. The garbage can remained full. The kids were discussing something to do with Daffy Duck. One of my boys argued that Daffy did NOT have a middle name and my other son argued that he did indeed have a middle name. My husband pipes up (straight-faced, mind you), “Daffy Duck has a middle name. It’s Dumas.”

My jaw fell open.

“You mean to tell me you can’t remember that I’ve told you three times today to take out the garbage, but you know that Daffy Duck’s middle name is Dumas?” I retorted incredulously.


I have to give credit to Daffy Duck for one thing – he wrote a screenplay called The Scarlett Pumpernickel that he hawked to a major director. If a fictitious sassy little black duck can write, then so can I!

Did reading this and seeing the pictures of Looney Tunes characters bring a smile to your face? I hope so – it always brings a smile to mine. When I write a great book and you read it, I hope I bring a similar smile to your face, too. Not because I include a cross-dressing bunny rabbit, though. I am not that creative…

Watching cartoons as a child really helped my imagination to soar. Talking animals of all sorts, gravity-defying antics, and a pig that plays a farmer of all things. Really? Wow! In books, I can make anything and everything happen if I want it to. There is no better place to let my imagination go as far as it can go. The creativity, the laughter, the absolute and absurd silliness of it all got the hamster in my head spinning on his wheel, and he’s never fully come to a stop since. I hope he never does.

Writing Prompt: If you could order anything from the Acme Catalog, what would it be and how would you use it? Believe me, there is no judgment here…

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4 thoughts on “That Boy Is About as Sharp as a Wet Noodle…

  1. re: “You mean to tell me you can’t remember that I’ve told you three times today to take out the garbage, but you know that Daffy Duck’s middle name is Dumas?”


  2. I would like a safe.. just to keep my treasures in one place safe 🙂 not to drop on anyone LOL
    Enjoying the cartoon memories…

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