To Grow Up

By Betty Boyd 

When I was little, I never wanted to really grow up. I wanted to stay a child as long as I could. However, as the eldest sibling, I had to grow up quickly due to my many responsibilities.

I dreamed of being both a writer and a photographer. As a young girl, I would take the camera my parents gave me, and would take dozens of shots of the same scene. My brother would comment, “Why do you have to take so many pictures, isn’t one enough?” Instinctively I knew that I had to take as many shots as possible, in order to get the best image.

As I grew older, I also wanted to be a writer. I would read all kinds books by different authors, but I mostly read murder mysteries by Agatha Christy. I thought that fiction was what I wanted to write. In high school, I wrote poetry, and had one piece published in a book of different writings by graduating seniors.

After high school, I pursued photography and graphic design in college and put my love of writing on the back shelf. During my career in the federal government, I did technical writing in the many jobs I had. I still did not have the time or desire to pursue my passion for writing.

In 2012, I retired and opened my own company to provide writing services to various clients. I had finally grown up. I still love and pursue photography, but I finally now realize how special writing is to me.

I can no longer deny this passion, and I am a nonfiction writer rather than pursuing fiction. I write for various blogs and I am working on my first book. The moral of this story is never give up. It is never too late to live your dream.books

Mother Teresa said it best, “Life is a dream, realize it”.

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