Who won the $25 Amazon gift card???

easter basketWas it you?

I looked at all the comments made on our Monday and Friday posts during the months of March and April. If you responded to a writing prompt, I added your name twice. I tossed all the names in an Easter bucket (you make do with what you have) and stirred them around and around. I plucked a single name from the bucket and it was…

Sparks of Ember!!!

Congratulations! You’ve won the $25 Amazon gift card. It only takes a moment to comment.

To win.

Bummed it wasn’t your name? Comment on a Monday or Friday post during the months of May and June and be entered for a drawing on June 30th. This time it could be you…

We’ve also drawn names to win two different books: Saving Eric by Joan Deneve and Love Comes Calling by Deborah M. Piccurelli.

Drum roll please…drum roll

The winner of Joan’s book is…Kimberly Smith!

The winner of Deborah’s book is…Lucy Afong!

Stay tuned for our May posts on the topic…

The Monster Under the Bed: Childhood Fears.


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