To Go More Boldly

By Betty Boyd 

bedroom-389259_1280This month’s topic is entitled “The Monster under your Bed”. It is about fear and how you deal with it.

Have you ever had something consume you to the point where you could not act? I did and that was, no self-confidence. Through most of my life I let my lack of confidence rule my life. From the decisions I made, to even the “friends” I chose to be with.

I felt I was never good enough or smart enough and I could never reach any potential. This was due to a fear that was so paralyzing I wanted to end my life. I felt so worthless and alone. However, I forgot about the most important friend in my life and that was Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ began to lift me up. I finally started to listen to that small voice that said you are okay and I need you to be here for I have a plan for you.  I started realizing my confidence comes from God and not my work or friends or the world.

This is a lifelong battle for me. I am learning to be brave and have courage. To dream and live the life that God wants for me.  My purpose is to serve God and my fellow man. Having this self-doubt was really a gift from God. He gave  me that wake up call.

Be fearless, be brave and go boldly and live the life that God has planned for you!

President Franklin Roosevelt said it best, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

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screaming-146426_1280      What is the monster under your bed?

3 thoughts on “To Go More Boldly

  1. I do not like crowds or having to carry on conversations. Texting & emails, Face Book chats are my preferred way of visiting. So much better, as I get older the thoughts don’t come together as fast LOL 🙂

    • You are not alone in that, D.K. Stevens! Thanks for sharing your “monster under the bed.”

  2. I discovered my fear of heights can be pushed too far when I froze on a small suspension bridge. My husband had to frog-walk me off of it.

    I also dislike unfamiliar situations. Once I know what to expect, I don’t mind. So I over-research everything and often delay visiting new places.

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