3 Questions Wednesday with Leon Shure

leon shureToday we welcome mystery writer Leon Shure to 3 Questions Wednesday. So glad you could drop by, Leon! First question: Which author would you never tire of and why?

Leon: If I had to narrow my favorite authors to one, I’d choose, Arthur Conan Doyle. His wonderful character, Sherlock Holmes, resonates with each new generation. The other obvious choice is Agatha Christie, because of her insight into people. I don’t write historical fiction, but I try to make my mysteries character driven: The characters, strong and intensely human men and women, solve the crime through the force of their personalities.

I’ve read everything by both those authors, so I understand about their strong characters. You also need an intense villain. Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Leon: I’m sure I’m picking the last villain anyone would expect, but my favorite is the shark from Jaws. Villains are a problem for modern writers. Most of the harm in the world stems initially from indifference. The villains in my books don’t care about the consequences of their actions. Jaws is only following his inborn nature, without any self-insight. With stubborn effort, compassion and humor, my detectives try, in some small way, to rebalance the world.

Jaws is my husband’s favorite movie. How about you?  What project are you currently working on?

Leon: Since I’m presently writing five different mystery series about Chicago’s North Shore, I tend to write the next sequel according to which hero or heroine I most miss the most. At present, I’m writing a sequel to the Vanek series. Vanek, a Chicago police detective, is constantly distracted by his family members and frustrated in his desire to understand women and the world. He likes to work in secret, and he tries to put everything into a Chicago kind of perspective. He has a host of friends who help him in his investigations.  He has a strong sense of responsibility and sees the irony of his actions.

Five series! Wow. You stay busy. Thanks so much for your visit!  Leon has made one of his books free this week on most of the ebook sites.  For instance, on Barnes and Nobel for the Nook at http://bit.ly/1vG20Ag , on iBooks for the iPad and iPhone at http://apple.co/1CwnfFq and on Smashwords for all ebook readers athttp://bit.ly/1vG6cjN . Leon’s books are also available on Amazon for the Kindle at http://amzn.to/1FEKjkG , where several books are each 99 cents.

For an exerpt:  http://bit.ly/1FELYXy

For an interview:  http://bit.ly/1FEMncv

Littlemayor: A City of Brunswik Mystery

Tiny but feisty Mayor Maggie Wellington finds her life and political career threatened when a developer of a shopping mall goes missing and an alderman dies in an arson.

Leon Shure is currently writing five mystery series: (1) the Tommy Spevak and Kate Wehring mysteries, about an impaired veteran and an investigative reporter; (2), the Vanek mysteries, about a crusty and devious Chicago Police Detective; (3) the Dr. Adam Karl mysteries, about a medical doctor fighting against his fate; (4) the Cal Hodges mysteries, about a law firm investigator who is haunted by his past, and (5) the City of Brunswik mysteries, which are tales of political skullduggery.

Leon is a life-long resident of the Chicago area, and has lived both in the city and in the North and Northwest suburbs. A bachelors and masters graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, he worked for the Lerner Newspapers (a chain of weeklies in the city); the Day Newspapers, a suburban daily newspaper chain owned by Field Enterprises, now the Chicago Sun-Times;, and Paddock Publications, a chain of daily newspapers in the Northwest suburbs. He received the Jacob Sher Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting.

Leon also served as an attorney for a Federal Agency and has held elective office in local governments.  He is married and has two children.

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