3 Questions Wednesday with Anne Garboczi Evans

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Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday, author and Crew member, Anne Garboczi Evans.

Hello, Anne! Always fun to interview one of the Crew. We all love to read. Tell us…

Which author would you never get tired of, and why?

Anne: I don’t really have a favorite author. But my favorite genre is historical fiction. I love stories set in Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece. And historical fiction set in Ancient Britain is a close favorite. I can also get into a good western. I particularly like stories with a strong heroine and a little bit of falling in love.

Yes, romance and a brave lady make great reading. A great villain often completes the picture.

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Anne: I normally dislike villains, as the author intends I’m sure. My favorite type of villain is the villain that starts out as the antagonist, but then ends up becoming the protagonist. Like how Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables is Anne’s worst foe until suddenly they became best friends.

Anne of Green Gables. A timeless classic I love. Now let’s talk about you.

What project are you currently working on?

Anne:  I’m currently working on several projects, some of which are on the back burner right now because of the demands of becoming a foster parent. But I’m particularly excited about an experiential apologetic book about world religions that I’m working on, No Fear: My Tale of Hijabs, Witchcraft Circles, & the Cross. For the book I’m visiting places like mosques, Hindu temples, etc. Here’s an article I wrote about one of my experiences. http://thoughtcatalog.com/anne-garboczi-evans/2014/05/i-traded-in-my-bikini-for-a-hijab-day-1/

Sounds like an interesting read, for sure. Thanks for dropping by, Anne. If you’d like to win 1 of 5 e-books What’s a Foster Family? that Anne is giving away, please leave a comment.

What’s a Foster Family?BookCoverImage

Alex’s an only child who’s used to having Mommy and Daddy all to himself. So when his parents start doing foster care and little Malik joins their home, Alex’s not so sure he’s happy about sharing.

Anne Garboczi Evans holds a Master’s in Counseling and Bachelor’s in Classical Liberal Arts. She has had a passion for writing historical fiction ever since reading Rosemary Sutcliff’s novels as a preteen. She wrote her first full length novel at fifteen. She is a military spouse and mother to a little boy, “Joe-Joe.”

Her inspiration for Scorched Earth came from moving to the Colorado Rockies. She loves reading Christian fiction and wanted to weave a lighthearted tale about love, rivalry, and the taming of the west.

When not writing, you can find Anne at the “big stairs” (Joe-Joe’s word for playground), substitute teaching, or working on her fixer-upper house with her husband.

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  1. Congratulations on your new book, Anne, and THANK YOU for your work as a foster parent. That is such an important role and a generous way to share the love with those who need it so much.

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