The Comfort in Comfort Food

By Betty Boyd 

I have to admit, I really do not know how to cook, though I’ve made many attempts. I have many appliances to assist me. I don’t like following a recipe; I end up throwing different things together and hoping for the best, which is probably why so many of my attempts fail.

I want to talk about the comforting effect of food. I remember my late mother’s fresh-baked bread from scratch, and the aromatic smell that filled the house. I loved her pot roast, the crisp potatoes, and the baked carrots situated around it.

spaghetti-745466_1280The best meal was our wonderful Sunday dinner. There was piping hot marinara sauce made from our garden-fresh, home-canned tomatoes. Homemade meatballs and pasta cooked “al dente.” Our family would gather around the table and really take time to visit with each other as we enjoyed the meal. The taste of this Italian dinner lingers with me to this day.

Comfort food has allowed me to feel a sense of safety. These days, I draw comfort when I make my own version of chili in a slow cooker (sorry no recipe). I feel warmth from this chili concoction, but it is my own. My cooking will never match my mom’s, but that’s okay with me. What is important is how it makes me feel.

cooking-chocolate-674508_1280Chocolate is the best. Its texture, color, and richness (especially dark chocolate) just melts in my mouth. Don’t forget about the great antioxidants! This is the ultimate comfort food, because it makes me feel totally complete.

Can’t ask for anything more. So go ahead make that dessert, pile on the mashed potatoes, and go for seconds!

What is your favorite comfort food?

candy apple

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