3 Questions Wednesday with Holly Michael

104 (2)Hello all! Today we introduce author Holly Michael, one of our own Crew members!

Welcome, Holly! First question: 

Which author would you never get tired of, and why?

Holly: The books that I could read over and over are Madeleine L’Engle’s books. My daughter Betsy feels the same way. We both first read her books, beginning with A Wrinkle In Time, back when Betsy was about ten years old. My daughter is almost 23 years old now and we still both claim Madeleine L’Engle as our favorite author and read her classic teen fantasy sci-fi books again and again.

A great author who wrote a really evil villain. 

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Holly: Probably IT, from A Wrinkle In Time. IT is a bodiless telepathic creature that preys on the weak and seeks to destroy them if they don’t conform. IT is just downright scary.

Shudder! I just looked over my shoulder. Last question:

What project are you currently working on?

Holly: I write inspirational fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, I am finishing my sequel to Crooked Lines, Crossed Paths. It begins where Crooked Lines left off: on the shores of tsunami-ravaged South India. Rebecca and Sagai–two souls with similar hearts from two different continents–finally meet and must each determine their true path in life.

I’m also working on a marketing plan for a devotional to be published by Harvest House Publishers on August 1st. I wrote this book with my son –a type one diabetic who made it to the NFL. Lots of inspiration about overcoming in this one. Can’t wait for the release date. I’m also finishing a book proposal for another spiritual self-help book for the broken-hearted that I’m co-authoring with a friend.

Wow. Sounds like several wonderful projects. Congratulations!

TSUNAMI 2004: Still Wading Through Waves of HopeBeautiful beach and sea

December 26th, 2014 marked the anniversary of the monster waves seen around the world. Is life restored back to normal on the shores of Nagapattinam, South India? Will it ever be?

“We’ll go to the most devastated, remote villages where no one else has gone,” Bishop Leo Michael promised a Northwest Arkansas newspaper reporter.

Like a sweeping wave, news of the tsunami fundraiser spread to a national level. Bishop Leo Michael became the ideal vehicle to collect, then ferry aid across the sea. He had lived and worked in the now tsunami devastated region for many years, spoke the native language, and had a counseling degree.

TEN days later, trekking into impassable villages and decimated shorelines, the Michaels helped the widows and the orphans and those most affected by the tsunami.

TEN years later, the Michaels returned to the same villages and encountered surprising changes and a life-threatening situation.

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Holly Michael is like a kaleidoscope, twisted and turned by the hand of God through a beautiful life of writing, traveling, and other incredible opportunities. She was a regular freelance ghostwriter and online editor for Guideposts for Teens/Sweet 16 Magazine, journalist, newspaper features writer, corporation writer/editor, and published in a variety of national magazines and local newspapers. She is now writing books—fiction and nonfiction, blogging, and editor of Koinonia Magazine.

Holly is the wife of Rt. Rev. Leo Michael, an Anglican Bishop in the Holy Catholic Church-Anglican Rite. She’s also mom to a lovely daughter, Betsy, and two football playing sons: Jake, a type 1 diabetic in the NFL and Nick, a Ragin Cajun at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. She’s blessed to have the opportunity to travel extensively across the United States and internationally to India and England, Scotland, France, and Canada.

Her beautifully crafted debut novel, CROOKED LINES, released July 2014, threads the lives of two determined souls from different continents and cultures. Compelling characters struggle with spirituality through despair and deceptions in search of truth.

Holly’s website is www.hollymichael.com and she blogs at www.writingstraight.com.