Rodeo Reunion by Shannon Taylor Vannatter

headshot mediumToday we welcome Shannon Taylor Vannatter, author, stay-at-home mom, and pastor’s wife.

So glad you dropped by! So tell us, Shannon…

(1 ) a. Have you always wanted to be an author?

Shannon: No. I only had one creative writing class in the 3rd grade. I loved it, but I never thought of writing as a career.

b. If not, what made you decide to write, and how long have you been at it?

Shannon: In my teens I got this story in my head that wouldn’t go away. I’d move scenes, add complications, and change the ending. But I didn’t know what to do with it. In my thirties, my husband’s hours changed to nights. We didn’t have our son yet, so I needed something to fill my evenings home alone. I went to the library and couldn’t find any clean romance. It finally hit me that story in my head was a book. But it was more than clean, it was Christian.

(2) What do you love about being a writer, and what do you like the least?

Shannon: I love creating characters and stories, making them do what I want them to do. It’s the ultimate control freak high. My least favorite is that my brain never shuts off and sometimes I have to concentrate really hard to focus on the real world.

(3) How do you get your best ideas?

Shannon: When I’m alone, doing something I can do without thinking. Taking a walk, driving the road I’ve driven countless times, mowing the yard. If I’m alone with my thoughts, the ideas start flying.

(4) Do you blog? How often?

Yes. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since May 2010.

(5) What fun fact would you like your readers to know about you?

I live in rural Arkansas and I’m afraid of cows. One chased me when I was a kid and I haven’t gotten on the wrong side of the fence since unless I’m on a four-wheeler.

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Rodeo Reunion coverRodeo Reunion

And Slade Walker’s not a likely candidate. Even if the former major league pitcher just agreed to coach her son’s little league team. The single mom can’t risk everything on a bronc-riding chaplain who’s only passing through Raquel’s small Texas town. 

Slade is taking a hiatus from the rodeo circuit to meet the sister he never knew he had. But the pretty widowed nurse next door is making him think twice about hitting the road again. He can’t turn his back on the cowboys who need him, but Raquel and her boy need him, too. Can Slade fulfill his calling and finally find a place to hang his hat?

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Central Arkansas author, Shannon Taylor Vannatter is a stay-at-home mom/pastor’s wife. She lives in a town with a population of around 100, if you count a few cows and once climbed a mountain wearing gold wedge-heeled sandals which became known as her hiking boots. Vannatter won the Inspirational Readers Choice Award in the short contemporary category, The 18th Annual Heartsong Awards 3rd Favorite New Author and #1 Contemporary Award.

She has eleven published titles and is contracted for four more. Her books are available at,,,, and Learn more about Shannon and her books at and check out her real life romance blog at


Connect with her on Facebook:, Goodreads:, Pinterest:, and Twitter: @stvauthor.