3 Questions Wednesday with J.A. Marx

Marx headToday we welcome author J.A. Marx, to 3 Questions Wednesday!

Hello, J.A.! Pull up a chair and we’ll chat.

Which author would you never get tired of, and why?

J.A.: Probably Dean Koonz. His characterization is so vivid, and I experience his settings as if I’m there with the characters. But mostly because of the deep psychology, which, in my opinion, he has mastered.

Dean Koonz novels are definitely vivid.

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

J.A.: Hanibal Lector. He hosts the perfect blend of virtue and vice in such a magnificently evil way. I will, however, pass all opportunities to meet him in person.

He’s been a very popular villain on 3 Questions Wednesday. 🙂  Last question.

What project are you currently working on?

J.A.: Presently, I’m editing Delusion (or The Prisoner), the 4th book in my psychological suspense series. I’m also finishing up edits for a romantic suspense that’s releasing through Prism Books Group, as well as a co-written Christmas novella due to release this fall as part of a Christmas anthology with writers in my critique group.

Sounds like you have a full plate. Thanks so much for dropping by!  If  you’d like to win one of the books in The Destiny series (reader’s choice), please leave a comment and we’ll add your name to our drawing.

Destiny Defended: Rakshasa’s Curse (The Destiny Series) (Volume 3)destiny3e

Studying at the university, Chiara is determined to give back to the community that gave her a second chance at life…until she learns she is contaminated. She submits to a strange religious practice designed to purge her of past corruption. Isaac doesn’t understand why his courting tactics aren’t working. But he won’t give up, because Chiara possesses all the characteristics he’s ever wanted in a wife. When her secrets are finally exposed, Chiara must choose to conquer, or be conquered. Both options risk disgrace and the loss of acceptance she has fought so hard to gain. Will her friends still embrace her? Will Isaac still want to marry her once he’s confronted by the harsh truth? Will Chiara ever find her place in this world?

Texas resident J.A. Marx writes suspense that heals souls. Growing up in Colorado, she spent much of her childhood climbing trees and rocks, and riding horses. She graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Arts & Humanities and a double minor in French and Music. She’s involved with Gateway Church, enjoys painting, and loves spending time with her children and grandchildren.

The Destiny Series, 2014 http://amzn.to/1EvrKBj

Destiny Defied, book 1

Destiny Delivered, book 2

Destiny Defended, Rakshasa’s Curse, book 3 (official release August 2015)

 A Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt (novella co-author) 2012

A Ruby Christmas (novella co-author) 2013

Novella releasing fall 2015 Christmas Apples (part of a Christmas collection)

Novel releasing in 2015/6: Family Lies, Deadly Ties

Website: http://jamarx.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JA_Marx

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/JAMarx

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