Agatha Christie

By Betty Boyd



I love murder mysteries. My favorite author of this genre is Agatha Christie.   According to the Guinness Book of World Records, she is the best selling novelist of all time, having sold an estimated two billion copies of her books. Christie wrote sixty-six murder mysteries, fourteen short stories and the longest running play, Mousetrap.

I lived in walking distance to a shopping center, which sold many wonderful items. The most precious of these were Agatha Christie paperback novels, which I eagerly purchased for a $1.00 each. I was able to collect all 66 of her novels and I read them many times.

My favorite characters were Hercule Poirot, the famous and pretentious Belgian detective, who had the knack of always solving the murder, when no one else could. Miss Marple, who is an elderly spinster, acts as an amateur sleuth while living in the quaint town of St. Mary Mead.

The best of her novels was the Murder on the Orient Express written in 1934. Christie had a way with her writing, which had many twists and turns. The characters in this novel were so intertwined, it was nearly impossible to figure it out.

Isaac Anderson stated in a 1934 book review, “The great Belgian detective’s guesses are more than shrewd; they are positively miraculous. Although both the murder plot and the solution verge upon the impossible, Agatha Christie has contrived to make them appear quite convincing for the time being, and what more than that can a mystery addict desire.”

I was obsessed with every one of her novels. I could never get enough of them. To this day, it is my favorite genre of writing. I have read other authors of murder mysteries, but none can compare to the Dame Agatha Christie.

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Do you like Agatha Christie, and if so, what is your favorite novel?

3 thoughts on “Agatha Christie

  1. The only one I have read yet was Orient Express. I liked it – I agree the detective’s conclusions were rather wild but it was a good book. I read it back when I was obsessively reading the Lord Peter Wimsey books – now those I really enjoyed a lot!

  2. At this moment, I’m reading The Pale Horse by her. The suspense is unbelievable. I don’t know which is my favorite. They’re all so good.

    And I agree with you, Sparks. I’ve ordered 3 more Lord Peter Wimsey novels (used) to add to my collection. I almost have them all 🙂

  3. I also adore murder mysteries and have read most of her novels. I never could figure out even one, fortuitously. I love a good surprise at the end, and if I had known “who done it,” I wouldn’t have been drawn to the finish. My favorite is also Murder on the Orient Express.

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