Is Anyone Else Ready for Football?

footballBy Jennifer Hallmark

It’s finally September and autumn colors are showing up once again. Here at the Writing Prompts Blog, we’re tackling that interesting fall topic for an entire month, one people tend to love or hate.

American Football.

Are other people out there growing as weary as I am over all the stories cycling around in the football world? Reporters digging up any story, any piece of dirt to bridge the seven-month gap between the February’s Super Bowl and the first game of the season between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots.

Speaking of New England, Deflategate could possibly be ending soon. In fact, by the time you read this, there will probably be a settlement. This controversy, accusing the New England Patriots of cheating by removing a half pound of air from their footballs during a game, has dominated sports’ airwaves for months. [This just in. Judge nullifies NFL’s 4-game suspension of Tom Brady.]

More important topics, in my opinion, such as players dealing with concussions, Sebastian_Janikowskiaccusations of players abusing women and children, or even the possibility of the Oakland Raiders losing their team–have been thrown to the wayside. All in the name of a half-pound of air.

An anonymous owner, speaking with Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, summed it up beautifully: “This entire episode is embarrassing our sport. It makes us look horrible. Think about how long this has gone on. This shouldn’t happen.”

As a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Peyton Manning, and Tim Tebow, I don’t like the Patriots. But please, give it a rest.

Another rehashed story is whether we should have preseason games or not. Should we reduce the four games to two and add two more real games to the schedule? This subject is debated every August, beginning when the first notable player is injured. This year, it happened to be Jordy Nelson, wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers. Again, we’ll hear this until September 10th, when it will fade into a forgotten corner of ESPN studios until next August.

Also consider stories in college football of immature players creating media mischief during the offseason, igniting controversy about the perceived need for an eight-team playoff and we’re off and running down another rabbit trail. This multi-million dollar industry grapples with as many issues as any other major corporation.

SadieFootball is a game. Or it’s supposed to be. A game where two teams from two different cities, schools, or colleges compete in an athletic competition where the team scoring the most points wins. Games played in the fall provide entertainment for all ages, and my family is no exception. Last Saturday afternoon, I watched my two granddaughters cheer at a youth football game. My husband and I often go to Friday night games to watch the local high schools play. I never fail to get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye when the local marching band plays the Star-Spangled Banner while the flag is raised.

We enjoy gathering around the television on Saturday afternoons to root for our favorite college team with snacks and cheering.

Go Bama!

However, I’m ready for the stories–the meaningless ones– to go away. I want to see Nick Saban and the team running onto the field, the first kick-off, and watch our team win another game.

IMG_20150829_151726603And to you, the writer who ignores sports, I wrote one of my best short stories about a mother at a high school football game. You can find it here. Sports, especially football, open up a whole new layer to add to any contemporary story of any genre.

Is anyone else out there ready for football?

I know I am.

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Our high school team’s mascot, Leonard the Lion pawed his way through the gate and onto the field. Throwing the bushy lion head aside, he made straight for the…

alabama football

Go Alabama!

3 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else Ready for Football?

  1. Yes! We are huge Virginia Tech Hokies here. Of course, my hubby just loves to watch any college football and our son is following in his footsteps. 🙂

  2. Yes, I’m ready for some football! I watched my Panthers soundly defeat Pittsburgh last night, though they lost by a point to that dratted New England team last week. 😉

    I’m not a college football fan, but I married into a family who would gladly sit on your couch, Jennifer, and shout,”Roll Tide!”.

  3. Hi, Amy! You know how the SEC loves football. Virginia Tech is a good team.

    Sandra, I understand that dratted New England team. 🙂 Tell the family to drop by. We always have plenty of snacks around during the game…

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