3 Questions Wednesday with Deborah Dee Harper

DeborahDHarperWelcome,  Deborah Dee Harper, to 3 Questions Wednesday! Deborah’s warm and witty writing style is evident in her new mystery, Misstep, Book 1, Road’s End series.

We’re so glad you could join us, Deborah. First question:

Which author would you never get tired of, and why?

Deborah: I think Dean Koontz brings me back to his books time and again. Although they can be intense and cringe-worthy in many scenes, his books are beautifully written with almost poetic descriptions. I particularly like his Odd Thomas character and find the humor in them a delightful change from the clenched stomach mode I find myself in with some of his work. All in all, though, I love his books and marvel at how prolific he is! On the other hand, I also enjoy John Grisham, Stephen King, Joel C. Rosenberg, and David Baldacci, and a host of other talented authors.

These are some of the “great ones” — it’s not surprising you also enjoy reading suspense. I’m sure there’s a well-written villain who caught your fancy, so–

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Deborah: I’d have to say Lucian, the demon, in Tosca Lee’s Demon: A Memoir is my favorite fictional villain—although to say he’s fictional might be stretching it a bit. Lucian, though undeniably evil, also brought to light a point I had never considered before. We humans have a choice and the angels (now demons) who sided with Lucifer during the fall will never have another opportunity to regain what they lost. Lucian’s utter distaste for human beings and their cavalier attitude toward salvation made me really think about how hurtful it must be to our Lord and Savior to be cast aside as if eternal life with Him wasn’t a big deal. I wonder how often, if ever, we Christians think about how precious His promise of salvation and eternal life really is.

Intriguing choice–last question:

What project are you currently working on?

Deborah:  Currently, I’m working on marketing my latest release, Misstep, the first book in my Road’s End series from Write Integrity Press. Road’s End is the first series in Write Integrity’s new Pens of Mystery line. I’m a humor/inspirational writer and Misstep has a lot of both in it. The second and third books in the series, Faux Pas and Misjudge will be coming out soon, and I’m trying to streamline my marketing efforts during this go-around to make it easier in the future.

I’ve also just submitted a manuscript to my agent for the first book of another series I hope to write. This one is a bit darker, dealing with the effects of sin on our lives and our eternity. It’s also my hope that I’ll be able to continue writing books for the Road’s End series indefinitely, as my mind is bulging from the host of ideas I have.

How exciting! We wish you great success in all your writing endeavors. And thanks so much for taking the time to complete our 3 Questions.

Readers, you can win a copy of Misstep (you’ll love it!) by leaving us a comment below. And be sure to connect with Deborah via her links listed beneath her bio.


MisstepWinnie and Sadie are still fighting, and I’m still living in the strangest town on earth. It’s December in Road’s End, Virginia, a tiny town long forgotten by anyone but its residents, where Colonel Hugh Foster and his wife, Melanie, have chosen to live—for better or worse. The jury’s still out on that one! Road’s End is comprised entirely of senior citizens whose kids have grown and left for greener pastures. Hugh, Melanie, and Bristol (one of the few sane people in town) are faced with a crumbling church in desperate need of repair and renovation, a dwindling congregation of opinionated, ornery senior citizens, and a camel—yes, a camel. And if that’s not enough, the trio and the rest of the Road’s End residents, are soon mired in danger and intrigue when a group of gun-toting drug dealers arrive in town, bent on killing the church handyman, and conspiring to ruin the doggonedest record-breaking blizzard the town has ever seen. Poor drug dealers.

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Prior to moving to Tennessee, Deborah Dee Harper lived in Anchorage, Alaska, where she stalked moose, survived earthquakes, prepared their house and car for a volcanic eruption, took thousands of photographs (really, thousands), hiked mountain trails to blue glaciers, watched magnificent whales, sea lions, Dall sheep, bald eagles, wolves, foxes, and black bears in the wild, and chased a grizzly bear down a lonely dirt road to get a picture. Thanks be to God, she survived (and got her picture). She still takes photographs when she’s not writing, but her kids have forbidden her to chase bears. She writes inspirational and humorous Christian books for both adults and children.

Connect with Deborah Dee Harper:
@deborahdeetales (Twitter)
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6 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Deborah Dee Harper

  1. Thanks, Linda and Rich, for your comments. Linda, I loved “Demon” and felt a little guilty at first, but after thinking it through and letting its meaning sink in, I realized it was brilliant. And Rich, Dean Koontz ranks right up there with the best authors we have today. He, too, is brilliant. I often wonder how some authors (or non-authors, for that matter) seem to have such a limitless supply of creativity 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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