The Only Sport I Truly Understand

by Betty Boyd


I grew up loving football and rooting for Notre Dame, known as “The Fighting Irish”. Every Saturday afternoon my brothers, sisters and my Dad would gather around the TV and watch Notre Dame play their great rival of the day.

My Dad would help us to understand what the game was all about. He would explain what each player was doing, and the strategy behind each play. Each game became more and more exciting because I understood how the game was played.

As time wore on, my delight of the game progressed to pro football where at one time I followed five pro teams. Today I really like the Green Bay Packers and feel they are the “Yankees” of football because they have won so many championships.

My true passion is college football. The players in college football really want to win the game and it shows in how they execute each play. The tensions are high and you can feel every player’s emotions are at their breaking point. It is every team for themselves and no one wants to lose.

Moving to the South, I gained another team to root for and that is the Tennessee Vols. The uniforms remind me of creamsicles. I love to hear them sing “Rocky Top” after they score a touchdown. (Sorry Alabama and Auburn fans). I know they are not usually ranked very high as an SEC team; I still love the team anyway.

For me, football, whether college or pro is the quintessential fall pastime. The crisp autumn air reminds me that it is game time and talk goes to how good or bad your team did.

Football is the only sport I truly understand. I know that I am in great company. Because it is one of the best pastimes, you can participate in on a Saturday afternoon.

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Who is your favorite football team and why?

3 thoughts on “The Only Sport I Truly Understand

  1. I never watched football until my and I started dating. He loves to watch college football. We usually root for Virginia Tech, but I don’t think who’s playing, he just likes to watch it.

  2. I’ve always been a Green Bay Packers fan, though secretly for a span of a number of years. You see, my second marriage was to a Texas cowboy. And you KNOW he was a Dallas Cowboys diehard devotee. The ‘Pack’ and the ‘Boy’s’ were mortal rivals, so I had to keep my ‘Cheesehead’ loyaltys to myself. After Jim passed away, I’m free to shout my cheers openly, though I still like to see what the Cowboys are up to. 🙂

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