A Christmas Mosaic by Karen Jurgens

IMG_1927Today, we welcome Christian writer and speaker, plus our own Crew member, Karen Jurgens, on the blog to showcase her first contemporary romance novella, A Christmas Mosaic.

Hi, Karen. So glad you could drop by for a visit. First question:

Have you always wanted to be an author?

Karen: Yes, I have written short stories ever since I was a child. I attribute my love of writing to my love of reading. Instead of watching TV, I had my nose in a one of the Bobbsey Twins books (I collected the entire series, which I still have in my possession). I tackled my first romantic “novel” at the age of 10 and have written stories ever since.

What’s your favorite method for keeping a story’s middle from sagging?

Karen: I like to reserve the middle for surprise twists and turns in the plot and character development. I don’t let that part lag because I know the reader will lose interest. Making each scene relevant to the plot is my constant objective as the chapters evolve, pulling the reader along with a thread that keeps it fresh.

Do you write every day?

Karen: Mostly, I do, but weekends are reserved where I just live my daily, busy life with family and attend church. Writing is a solitary business, which is necessary for my concentration, but I need breaks for interaction and exercise during the day. If I am substitute teaching, I take my iPad and write sporadically in my free time. My best creative hours, along with my mug of coffee, are in the evening and into the wee hours of the morning.

How will you market your book?

Karen: This is my first to be published. Lena Nelson Dooley is publishing this anthology of ten novellas on Amazon, and we ten authors are marketing it through our social media.

Have you ever had a funny experience connected with being an author?

Karen: Since I am brand new at this, I can’t relate a funny experience yet. But the best part so far has been my fantastic critique group led by Lena Nelson Dooley and all the fun and friendships we share—and especially the dark chocolate we indulgence in while we critique.

Sounds like my kind of critique group! Thanks so much for stopping in, Karen.

Karen has graciously offered to give away a Kindle copy of Warm Mulled Kisses to one blessed commenter. Please leave a comment to be entered…


A Christmas Mosaic

Carlie Livingston is steering into her last year of college in Oxford, Ohio, confident that she and Lance Holloway are headed to the altar after graduation. Those plans are wrecked, however, by her dad’s infidelity, causing her parents to walk through a messy divorce. Will she have the same fate if she marries her college sweetheart who comes from a secular family? Her mother insists she will.

She tests God’s Word by letting Him take the wheel of her life. But if God is in control, why are all her close relationships crumbling?  Nothing makes sense.

Just when it appears hopeless, Clay McKinney two-steps into Carlie’s life, promising to provide everything she’s looking for. But if he’s God’s answer, why can’t her heart release Lance? Where will her final destination be on this journey of trust? 

Karen Jurgens, a native Cincinnatian, has been a Texan transplant for thirty years and counting. Since retiring from teaching in 2014, she has begun a new career writing, blogging, and speaking within the context of Christian ministry.

Her first contemporary romance novella will be published in October, 2015. A Christmas Mosaic will be part of a multi-author anthology, Warm Mulled Kisses. The second novel, Desire’s Deception, is in progress with an anticipated release mid-2016.

She is a Crew Member at Jennifer Hallmark’s Writing Prompts, Thoughts, and Ideas blog and a member of ACFW. You can follow her blog about scriptural answers to life’s trials at Touched by Him Ministries: www.karenjurgens.com.

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