What’s a Forever Family? by Anne Garboczi Evans

anne evansToday we welcome one of our own Crew members, Anne Garboczi Evans,  as she discusses her newest children’s book, What’s a Forever Family?

Hi, Anne! First question:

(1) Why did you decide to become a foster parent?

Anne: When I was in middle school at a local PE group that my mom ran, I met four little girls who I’d never forget. These four sisters who ranged from about one-year-old to very early school age were all in foster care. Like most middle school girls, I loved small children and spent a lot of time playing with them and listening to their prattle. What I remember most about those girls is how much they wanted my time and attention. They always wanted me to play with them and would beg me for piggy back rides and to push them on the swings. I vowed then that I’d be a foster mom someday. And this year, after many hours of classes and training and paperwork, my husband and I became fully licensed foster care parents.

(2) Have you always wanted to write children’s books?

Anne: What inspired me to write a children’s book was my own son, Joe-Joe. He was two at the time we started the foster care licensure process and I was looking for a book to read to him to explain how being a foster family would affect his life. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture book geared toward the bio child in a foster family. So I met the talented illustrator Helen Cochrane and we created our own,What’s a Foster Family? and officially released it in May of this year for National Foster Care month.

Then this month for National Adoption Month, we released the sequel What’s a Forever Family?  As a mom, I really enjoyed the process of writing a children’s book. And writing a picture book gave me a great excuse to read lots of picture books to Joe-Joe to get ideas. He certainly didn’t complain about that.

(3) What projects are you working on now?

Anne: Way too many. In a good way. I recently signed a four-book contract for a series set in the first and second century A.D. Roman Empire. Those will all be coming out next year, so I’m writing furiously at present. Read more here.

Thanks, Anne, for stopping in! And congratulations on your new release and upcoming books.

What’s a Forever Family?Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000444_00047]

On Tuesday, Bonnie’s brothers arrived.

“We’re twins,” said Charlie.

“But I’m bigger,” said Harry.

“No, you’re not,” said Charlie. He punched Harry.

Harry whacked Charlie back.

“Don’t hit,” Alex told them.

They both stuck their tongues out at Alex.

In this sequel to What’s a Foster Family?, elementary-school-aged Alex York is about to gain not one, not two, but three forever siblings. But becoming a forever family isn’t quite as smooth a road as Alex envisioned.

Anne Garboczi Evans is a mental health counselor, military spouse, and mama to an opinionated little preschooler named “Joe-Joe.” Anne and her husband are licensed foster parents in the state of Colorado and Anne has worked with adoption and forever families in her day job as a counselor. You can find Anne online at annegarboczievans.blogspot.com

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