The Strength in Education

By Betty Boyd pencil pic

Education has always been important to me. I have worked to get various degrees and certificates while I was working full time. Now that I am retired and have a business providing writing services, what need do I have for education? The need for education is even greater. It is not so much that I should be doing more college classes; rather it is educating myself in the business, marketing and writing itself.

I find myself going to various networking functions, joining groups, getting to know what potential customers want, and need. My education has been more of how to develop relationships with people and learn how to collaborate. Additionally, I am a freelance writer and I have had to relearn how to write. As a non-fiction writer, it is not so much about a plot line as a headline. Editing has become a very important tool in my new writing career.

I even joined a writers group, and this group has been most beneficial for encouragement and discussing ideas on where to go next.  Most of the writers I associate with are fiction writers. That is a good thing. The fiction writer has given me a perspective of how I can become a better non-fiction writer. There are some elements used in fiction that I can use in my non-fiction writing.

I have gained much strength in knowing that this is the path God has set out for me in this time in my life. The knowledge the Holy Spirit is imparting upon me is some of my greatest lessons.

While I grow as a writer, I never want to stop learning. There will always be someone better at writing than me, and that is okay. Education is exciting and I get my strength knowing that I am fulfilling my purpose here on earth.


Complete the prompt below for an extra entry in our quarterly drawings! Submit your completed writing prompt via Comments. 

Can you write a story about education using these four items

  • Paragraph
  • Sentence
  • Noun
  • Grammar


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