Favorite Genres in Literature



By Jennifer Hallmark

February is going to be a thought-provoking month for the Writing Prompts blog. We’re going to dig deeply into the subject of Genres in Literature. From romance to suspense and everything in between, we’ll talk about different genres, what we think of them, and our favorite books within the category.

What is a genre? Vocabulary.com says “A literary genre is a style of writing. Your favorite literary genre might be science fiction, for example.

The word genre means “artistic category or style,”…When you use the term literary genre, you make it clear that you’re talking about books and writing. Bookstores sometimes use literary genres as a way to separate books into different sections, like “classics” or “mysteries.” The word genre is French, and it means “kind, sort, or style.”

Here’s a partial list of genres in literature.

Chick Lit
Comic/Graphic Novel
Fairy talenarnia
Fiction narrative
Historical fiction
Magical Realism
Mystery/Cozy Mystery
Science fiction
Women’s Fiction
Young Adult/New Adult

Ispindle chair try to read a variety of different genres but some of my favorites are women’s fiction (especially southern), mysteries, and fantasy. I just finished a southern fiction book that I loved called The Spindle Chair by Shellie Arnold. I’m also rereading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, probably my favorite fantasy series. And for mystery, the latest book I’ve read is actually a series called Dressed for Death (volumes 1-3) by Darlene Franklin.

What’s your favorite genre? List it in the comments below and tell us your favorite book within the category.

Writing Prompt – Annabella picked up the dust covered book from the floor of the abandoned cabin. She shuddered, dropping the book when she realized it was a copy of…

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Genres in Literature

  1. Hannibal Lector?? Wow, she didn’t need any more terrifying thoughts than she was already having! Why couldn’t it have been a romantic suspense like maybe a Ronie Kendig book with hero’s and K-9’s? She could have passed time reading of how her rescue was possible… Well, at least she had paper to start a fire with!

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