3 Questions Wednesday with Molly Noble Bull

IMG_7768 copy[1]Please welcome Molly Noble Bull, writer of Christian fiction, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

Hi, Molly. First question.

What books have fortified you as a writer? How?

Molly: I cannot say that comic books fortified me as a writer, but I can say that they were very important to me as an elementary and middle school child. Many of the comic books that I read were filled with action, keeping me on the edge of my seat, and the action was illustrated, making the words on the printed page less important than the pictures. Some of the older comic books, like Cowboy Love, were also the forerunners of the future Christian romance novels I wrote as an adult.

As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words. As an author, I see scenes in my mind before writing them as comic-book-like illustrations and as moving pictures.

I am a dyslexic, and I had a hard time learning to read. Spelling was even harder for me and still is. I thank the Lord for the spell-checker.

Two characteristics of some dyslexics are creativity and extreme boredom. I was bored with what was presented to me by my teachers in school, but I had a built-in escape hatch. I simply left the classroom mentally during especially boring classes and explored the exciting worlds of the imagination.358702frontcover

Along with four other Christian writers, I wrote a nonfiction book, telling about my dyslexia titled The Overcomers, Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities. I think The Overcomers would help children with learning disabilities and their parents.

Click here to take at look at The Overcomers and all my books.


Sounds like a helpful books for all ages.  Now…

What secret talents do you have?

Molly: My interest in singing is no secret to those who knew me in high school and college. I sang solos at weddings and was selected to be a member of the All State of Texas Choir my senior year in high school. I considered a career as a vocalist but decided against it, becoming instead an elementary teacher and later a published novelist. But I still love to sing.

I like to harmonize with Christian singers as I watch and listen to them on TV, and I especially love to sing in private to the Lord during my prayer time.

🙂 I love to sing also…last question. 

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Molly: If I came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Does “take out” count? How about TV dinners? I don’t like to cook and am not very good at it. But I enjoy taking family member out to a Mexican restaurant. I do love Mexican food.

Thanks for dropping by, Molly! Molly is offering one paperback version of When the Cowboy Rides Away and one paperback version of The Secret Place to two blessed people. Leave a comment to be entered. (U.S. residents only.)

Molly: Now for my newest books: When the Cowboy Rides Away, my Christian western with a touch of romance, and The Secret Place, a historical set in Europe.

cowboy When the Cowboy Rides Away by Molly Noble Bull, http://bit;ly/cowboyrides, is set in South Texas ranch country in 1880.

Maggie Gallagher, twenty-one, runs the Gallagher Ranch in South Texas and has raised her little sister and orphaned nephew since her parents and older sister died. No wonder she can’t find time for romance.

When the Cowboy Rides Away opens two years after Maggie loses her family members. Out for a ride with her sister, she discovers Alex Lancaster, a handsome cowboy, shot and seriously wounded on her land. Kindhearted and a Christian, Maggie nurses him back to health despite all her other chores. How could she know that Alex had a secret that could break her heart?

The Secret Place by Molly Noble Bull is a romantic, historical, adventure story set in SECRET PLACE Front_300 dpiFrance, England and Scotland and was first published under the title Sanctuary.

Sanctuary won the 2008 Gayle Wilson Award in the inspirational category and also tied for first place in yet another national contest for published authors that year.

Take a look. SecretPlaceBook

Nineteen-year-old Rachel Levin flees her French village in 1740 with Pierre Dupree, a Huguenot, after both her parents and the young man she loves are killed by a wicked military captain. The captain wants Rachel for his mistress or he wants her dead. Rachel and Pierre agree to a marriage of convenience and manage to escape. But will they reach Scotland as planned? Or will their lives end on an English countryside?    

My next book is an updated version of The Rogue’s Daughter, first published by Zondervan in 1986 and later reprinted by Guideposts.

Had she really stood in front of God and church and minister, and allowed herself to be joined to Seth Matthews for life?

Shortly after her college graduation, Rebecca Roberts found herself with the teaching job she desperately needed and something else that she had been determined never to have—a husband. Seth Matthews, a rugged, independent widower, had hired Rebecca to teach his three children, then married her “to save her reputation.” It was a legal arrangement only, no love involved. Or was it?

Molly Noble Bull is a multi-published Christian author from the ranching country of South Texas where she and her husband live today and where many of her novels are set, and she might be called a Genre Jumper. Molly enjoys writing everything from sweet romances to westerns to adventure stories as well as humor, books for children, scary Christian Gothic historical novels and non-fiction.

Gatehaven, Molly’s Christian Gothic historical, won the 2013 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest as a manuscript, and it was published in paperback and as an e-book in 2014.

Cowboy Ad_300 dpi


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