The Mystery of it All

By Betty Boyd

Slide9The genre of mystery has always been my favorite since I first learned to read. I always wanted to figure out whodunit. Reading mysteries gave me my first glimpse into the how and why a murderer would commit their crime.

The genre of mystery is a fairly young form of literature that has been around for the last 200 years. Authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, who introduced Sherlock Holmes, started the huge popularity of this genre. Other types of mysteries included dime novels and pulp magazines. One of the best-selling authors is Agatha Christie, who–to her credit–wrote over 80 mystery novels from which many movies have been made.

file8081258144701Today, mysteries have gone beyond the writing of books. They are seen in plays, movies, and television series. The hint of mystery can also be lurking in a newspaper or even magazine articles.

Since all of my writing is non-fiction, reading a mystery is helpful for me to understand the intricacies of why criminals act the way they do. I admire the structure and the way a murder mystery is created. It is a lot of fun to try to guess who did the dastardly deed.

I gravitate toward this genre, because life itself is a mystery. It would be pretty boring to know everything that is going on. For me, mysteries are here to stay, and I cannot wait for the next great author to come along and wow me with their novel.

Happy reading!

Complete the prompt below for an extra entry in our blogaversary drawing! Submit your completed writing prompt via Comments.

Can you write a story with these four words?

  • Mayhem
  • Criminal
  • Whodunit
  • Novel

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of it All

  1. My story using the prompt. “It was a dark and stormy night.”
    Red stared at me, scratching his ear.
    “Nor original? How about ” The criminal created mayhem as he took advantage of the blackout. ”
    Red howled.
    “Too corny? Maybe, the whodunit novel lay on the floor beside the dead body.”
    Red rolled over and played dead.
    “All right. I give up. What would you do?”
    He stared at me with those bleary, bloodshot, basset hound eyes as if I’d lost my mind. Getting writing advice from a dog?
    Maybe I had…

  2. Oh, she was tired of all the mayhem! it was downright criminal the lies her ex kept spreading around in order to justify his own actions. Never mind whodunit or what the actual facts were in the case. Honestly, at this point it felt like she was in the middle of a poorly written novel…

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