Can Winter be a Favorite Season?

snow stormAs winter storm after sub-zero day piles on our country, many of you laugh at the thought of winter as a favorite time of year. My true favorite season is fall with colorful leaves, cooler nights, and football, but for me, every season has its place. A good place. Even winter.

Winter officially starts on December 21st in 2016. This is Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. In meteorology, winter in the Northern Hemisphere spans the entire period of December through February. The Northern hemisphere of our planet is closest to the sun during the winter. The tilt of the axis accounts for weather changes, not proximity to the sun.

summer solstice

Winter Solstice

Enough facts for now. How could winter be my favorite season? Here are four reasons:

  • Christmas-Jesus’ birthday, family gatherings, presents, and the joy of children. Need I say more?
  • Snow-For us folks in Alabama, snowfall might be once a year and less than an inch. So any snow is a real treat for us. I love watching the grandgirls frolick in the frozen stuff.
  • Rest-Life in January and February is slow after Thanksgiving and Christmas so I can catch my breath and regroup.
  • Writing time-My most productive writing time is January and February. I don’t like to go out in the cold much, so I stay in and write.

How about you? Can you find joy in each season? Do you love the newness of spring, the vitality of summer, the changes of fall, or the closure of winter?

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Writing prompt: Kelsey grabbed her phone and flipped to the calendar. Today was winter solstice? How could they have planned the pre-teen girls sleepover for the longest night of the year? She’d better call…

using cell phone