Hope Blossoms Eternal in Spring

Alexander Pope, an eighteenth century English poet, wrote: “Hope springs eternal.” But I think he should have tacked on, “especially in springtime.” Every spring, no matter how dark the winter or sad the cold nights, blossoms shoot up from the ground and buds open on trees, filling the earth with new life.

I grew up in D.C. My favorite springtime memory is of course, the cherry blossoms. Here are some pictures of the famous D.C. cherry blossoms around the tidal basin.


Though the D.C. blossoms are most famous, all over the D.C. suburbs, varieties of ornamental cherries and Bradford Pears blossom into life in the springtime.


Some people like Fall, or Winter, or Summer, but for me, no season will ever compare to Spring. And I have Biblical backing to prove it.

Song of Solomon 2:11-12a: …for behold, the winter is past;
the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth,
the time of singing has come . . .

See, God doesn’t call winter, “the time of singing.”

Just joking, mostly . . .

Here’s your writing prompt: You walk into your backyard. In the center of your beautiful flower garden, leaning against a blossoming fruit tree…is a man. Who is he? Why is he there?

2 thoughts on “Hope Blossoms Eternal in Spring

  1. In the center of the garden is a beautiful tree, a man leans against it enjoying the surroundings. He represents humanity. He is meditating on the goodness of the Lord. He is anxiously awaiting the day of the Lord’s return when ALL will be restored.

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