Our Wedding Photos & Funny Reality Stories

Happily ever after is about to begin…if you can survive the wedding!


“The wedding went by in a blur. But I faintly remember someone important-looking with a microphone and possibly related to one of us telling us to “be adults” and not smear the cake. That was a good enough excuse for me. ;)”–Anne Evans

essentialsHave you ever had an A-ha! moment? You know, one of those moments when a light bulb goes off in your head? New light is shed on a situation, or something just clicks, and you suddenly see things differently from the way you saw it just a moment before. On my wedding day, John, my husband-to-be, and his best man had such a moment.

They were spending time together at the hotel where his best man /uncle had been staying. Back when I got married, it was tradition for a man’s father to serve as his best man. I realize things are different now, and grooms are often choose their best friend to be their best man. But back in my day, it was the groom’s father. John’s father had died in an airplane accident when he was only 16, so John had asked his father’s brother, his Uncle Graham, to be his best man.

Uncle Gray, as he was affectionately known, decided to keep John in his hotel room until the last minute to try and ward off any pre-wedding jitters John might have. Uncle Gray thought staying in the hotel room with him was better than having my husband-to-be pace around nervously in a room at the church. He kept John conversing with him to try and calm him too.

The time came when they needed to get to the church. It was about 15 minutes before the wedding, and the church was a short drive away from the hotel, so Uncle Gray announced it was time for them to go. He and John made their way out to the hotel parking lot chatting away. Once in the parking lot, they continued meandering around seemingly aimless as they talked. Finally, John said, “Uncle Gray, where’s your car? We need to get going.”

Gray replied, “Oh, let’s take your car, John. Where did you park it?”

John answered, “My car isn’t here, Uncle Gray. We need to take your car. I assumed I would be riding with you so I had someone drop me off here.”

With panic in his eyes, Graham answered, “My car’s not here either! I let my wife take it because I told her I would get a ride to the church with you!”

That was their A-ha! moment. Those two suddenly realized things were not as they thought.

So, they ran to the hotel lobby both dressed in tuxes and Uncle Gray asked in a panic, “Is there anyone here who can drive us to First Baptist Church on College Avenue? We have a wedding to get to in a hurry!”

My husband-to-be added, “And I’m the groom!”

Fortunately for me, I did not know any of this until later. Our wedding started a few minutes late and the wedding coordinator did comment to me that the wedding would get started if only the groom were here … but I thought she was teasing me, and we were running late because, well, sometimes things just run late.

I had no idea that I was almost stood up at the altar!

Wedding Day-Harriet

Harriet’s Wedding


Wedding Day - Carlton Hughes

Right before our wedding, one of the bridesmaids discovered she didn’t have the shoes she was supposed to wear. We had had them dyed to match her dress, and they had gotten left behind. My cousin was one of my groomsmen, and we discovered the bridesmaid wore the same size shoe as his wife. So my cousin marched down the aisle, knelt at his wife’s feet, removed her shoes, and marched back out of the sanctuary with the shoes in his hands to give to the bridesmaid. I guess he was the “shoe-bearer.”

Which reminds me of a quick story

shoes-1014606_1280Betty Owens here. It was my middle son’s wedding day. I dropped in on the bride in her dressing room at the church. Things were at a standstill–the wedding was going to start late. She’d forgotten her shoes and had to send someone home to get them!


Betty Owens

When my husband entered a room, everyone waited in anticipation. At some point, there would be laughter. And it wasn’t always intentional, as he proved at our wedding. We had come to that oh-so-important, spiritual part of the wedding when we lit our candles then took communion. My gown had a lovely, long lace train, which my matron-of-honor was supposed to rearrange whenever I moved. However, this time, she wasn’t paying attention. Bob waited. Nothing happened, so he bent down, picked up the beautiful lace in his big paw and tossed it out of the way then stepped up beside me.

I heard snickering. Even the pastor chuckled. Too bad there was no video camera. No cellphones to snap impromptu pics that I could show you. But I’ll never forget it! 🙂

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