Tying the Knot in Style


By Karen Jurgens

For our last June post about weddings, we would like to treat you, our readers, to a “fashion show,” both in-house and around the world. There is no clothing more magnificent nor a woman more beautiful than on her wedding day.

In America, we are firmly steeped in our own wedding-style traditions, but have you considered those in other parts of the world? If you think that all brides wear flowing white dresses with veils, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Let’s travel first to Thailand. This bride’s ornate gown and headdress is amazing.

Thai Bridal Gown

Thai Bridal Gown

The Indian bride wears a beautifully colorful saree along with other traditional apparel.

Married in India

A wedded couple in India

Notice how the bride’s hands are intricately decorated with ink designs.

Holding Hands at an Indian Wedding Ceremony

Holding Hands at an Indian Wedding Ceremony

Chinese tradition wraps her brides in yet a different style. Notice the interesting headdress.

A Chinese Bride and Groom

A Chinese Bride and Groom

Now, let’s journey to Sri Lanka where Anusha Atukorala is a lovely bride decked out in her white bridal saree, also pictured with her bridesmaids.

Anusha, a Sri Lankan bride with her groom

Anusha Atukorala, a Sri Lankan bride with her groom

Anusha with her bridesmaids

Anusha with her bridesmaids

Her going-away attire is a beautiful blue saree. Don’t they make a handsome couple?

Anusha in her going-away attire

Anusha in her going-away attire

Next is a traditional Nigerian wedding dress, courtesy of our own Crew Member, Harriet Michael. Born in Nigeria to missionary parents who later adopted Abel, she shared this photo of her brother with his beautiful bride, Abike. Notice the bold colors and the headdress of this happy couple.

A Nigerian Bride and Groom

Abel, adopted Nigerian brother of Harriet Michael, on his wedding day with his bride Abike

Moving on to American tradition, we have Paula Beem on her special day with her good-looking groom.

An American Bride and Groom

Paula on her wedding day with her groom

Stunning in her beaded gown, she tells me that her mother designed it based on several different dresses that Paula liked at the time. Most amazing is that her mother, a babysitter for four young children, sewed the seed pearl beads on the lace bodice while the children napped. What a labor of love!

Finally, as a re-cap of the entire month, here come some of our Writing Prompts Crew Members down the aisle (in addition to our Carlton waiting for his bride at the altar).

Let’s begin with our founder and editor-in-chief, Jennifer Dison Hallmark, looking absolutely beautiful on her wedding day.

Jennifer Hallmark with her groom

Jennifer Hallmark with her groom

Next is our co-leader, editor and technology expert, Betty Thomason Owens, decked out in her gorgeous dress. What a lovely bride!

Betty Owen on her wedding day

Betty Owen on her wedding day

Here comes Harriet Michael down the aisle. Her mother, a talented seamstress, created and made her beautiful gown. Stunning, don’t you agree?

Harriet Michael on her wedding day

Harriet Michael on her wedding day

Robin Elizabeth Mason has chosen a dreamy wedding dress, but she also loves the antique Celtic style. Which is the prettier? I think she will look amazing in either one!

Maggie Sotero - Libby - front and back

Robin’s Dream Gown

Ancient Celtic Wedding Gown

Dreaming of an ancient Celtic wedding gown

Anne Evans’s off-the-shoulder attire looks gorgeous on her, too. What fun her wedding day must have been!

Anne Evans' wedding day

Anne Evans’ wedding day

Anne Evans' wedding day

Anne Evans’ wedding day

Tammy Trail is a knock-out in her billowy dress. Here’s a toast to a beautiful bride on her special day!

Tammy Trail's wedding day

Tammy Trail’s wedding day

Carlton Hughes was blessed with his beautiful bride on their wedding day. What a handsome couple they are.

Wedding Day - Carlton Hughes

Wedding Day – Carlton Hughes

And finally, here I am on my wedding day, at home with my parents.

Karen Jurgens at home with her parents on her wedding day

Karen Jurgens with her parents on her wedding day

Karen Jurgens Bride

Karen Jurgens

Thanks for walking down memory lane with us here at Writing Prompts this month. It has been a delightful wedding journey—and all the more special because you joined us.





Writing Prompt: What style was your dress on your wedding day? You may also include a photo to share with us.

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