Summer Vacation – Are We There Yet?

by Betty Owens

Welcome to July! Our topic this month–Favorite Summer Vacation. This ought to be fun. We’ll share memories and photos and maybe a funny story or two. I hope you’ll come back all during the month to see what’s going on. And don’t forget our 3 Questions Wednesday posts, where you may have the chance to win brand new books from interesting authors.

Family vacations. They get mixed reviews, especially around my house. So, what was our favorite summer vacation? Depends on who you ask.

Owens Siblings-balloonglowIf you ask our sons, they might say the year we took the family to Boca Raton, Florida. And I’ll admit, that was a lot of fun. We’d never gone that far south—into the tropics—so the drive was interesting. But I would have to remind said sons that the car broke down in Valdosta, Georgia. It was hot and sandy and we were tired. And probably paid way too much for the alternator.

You’ll find their responses in bold:

Yes! We stayed at the Shoney’s motel and ate at the breakfast buffet! Cool!

Matt got all bread, and Todd ate a lot of bacon!

We, the parents, remember all the hours closed up in a station wagon with three boys who apparently could not get along when confined to small spaces. These were the days before cellphones, tablets, movies-in-the-car, etc., etc. The etch-a-sketch only lasted about five minutes. Then they were bored.

But, I have to admit, we got a great deal on that condo. It was beautiful, spacious, across the street from the beach, and had all the amenities.

lizard-310186_1280And a really cool white chameleon in the microwave!

I roll my eyes and mutter, “Glad I saw it before they hit the instant-on button.” I had tried to make them understand that chameleons are good, and we shouldn’t microwave them.

–Sure would’ve been cool, though.

Do you think it would’ve exploded?

It would’ve been fun to find out.

All three are frowning in concentration. As one, three frowns aim at Mom. Fun-spoiler.

BocaRatonYep, that’s me. But I avoided a big clean-up job. A very gross one. I divert their attention with a new memory. “Remember Ocean World?”

That was fun. But the safari was better.

SafariParktooAnd the swamp. Loved the airboats.

Remember how big that snake was?

I do.  A cold tremor runs down my spine.

GatorWrestlerAnd the gators–

Yeah, and the guy that wrestled the gators.

Dad took a gazillion pics.

That was cool.

My eyes roll back in my head as I remember the 101 pictures of the guy wrestling the alligator. Maybe some of you remember those days–when you had to get film developed and you never knew what would show up?

Owens Vacation CollageYes, but–did these guys remember the ocean? That was my favorite part. Well, if you didn’t count the sunburns and sick stomachs. At least there were no breakdowns on the way home. Just two days of, “Are we there yet?” and, “How much longer?”

My husband’s glance said it all. Never. Again. I sensed our next few years held visits to Granddad’s in the next state.

My favorite vacation? Several years later, we sent all three boys to church camp. Then hubby and I packed up the car and headed to Panama City, Florida. Now, that was a vacation! They had fun. We had fun. Win-win!

Writing Prompt: Liz’s heart sank as she gazed at the tumble-down hut she’d secured on the internet for their vacation. Ever the optimist, her husband Burt strode past her, swung the door open then stood still, staring inside. The bag on his shoulder slid to the ground. He didn’t even try to catch it. Liz crept up behind him to peer over his shoulder…

Complete the prompt in the comments section–have fun!

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