3 Questions Wednesday with Robin E. Mason

Robin E Mason - 041115 - croppedToday we welcome author and fellow Crew member, Robin E. Mason, to 3 Questions Wednesday!

Hi, Robin! So glad you can share your thoughts with us today. First question.

What books have fortified you as a writer? How?

Robin: I have a confession to make. I don’t read non-fiction! GASP I know, I know, I’ve tried, really I have. And I do at least skim through and even highlight some good stuff. That said, I have a few good ones, but mostly I follow blogs and save posts and/or links to the posts to refer to. And, of course, reading other works of fiction. Every nuance or turn of phrase triggers my own creative sparks, and I see it transferring to my own writing.

Interesting way to look at it. Now…

What secret talents do you have?

Robin: I’m pretty transparent so not so many secrets, but this doesn’t come across so well online (with one notable exception, ahem ahem, I have thus far resisted video blogs…..) but I can ROCK a British accent. Irish, too, but Brit is my go-to. Once upon a time, when I was waiting table, a British family came in and (how I’ll never know) I got bold enough to wait on them in accent. They actually argued with me that I’m not from England! My favorite thing to say in accent is, “I’m born in Mississippi!”

I’ve heard you on Vimeo. You’re pretty good! Last question: 

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Robin: Well, whaddya like? I’m a good cook and I love to cook, so… Italian? I make a crazy stuffed pasta shells dish (mine own recipe, too). Chinese? I got the stir fry going on. Homestyle? I make a fanTAStic chicken pot pie. Dessert? I’ve just started playing with crepes, one of my favorites, and I’d love to whip up a batch with your choice of filling!

It all sounds good to me! Thanks, Robin, for dropping by!

072716 - writing prompt crew - 3QW - 2 book giveaway  images


cissy cover - teaserEvil words. Words that should never have been spoken. Words that she should not have heard.

But she did. And she believed them.

Everything changed when Cissy heard those words that day. She was five.

What torment is wrought when wicked words are spoken? Can Cissy’s ravaged life be redeemed? Or will she wreak havoc on all who love her?

Robin E Mason - 041115 - cropped“I once said I should write down all the story ideas in my head so someone could write them someday. I had no idea at the time that someone was me!” Robin E. Mason

I have been writing since 1995, and began working in earnest on my debut novel, Tessa in 2013.  Meanwhile, I cranked out a few dozen poems, and made countless notes for story ideas.  I lived with depression for many years, and the inherent feelings of worthlessness and invisibility; I didn’t want to be who I was and struggled with my own identity for many years.  My characters face many of these same demons.

I write stories of identity conflict. My characters encounter situations that force the question, “Who am I, really?” For all who have ever wondered who you are or why you’re here, my stories will touch you in a very real—maybe too real—and a very deep way. I know, I write from experience.

Tessa and Clara Bess, books I and II in the unsavory heritage series, are available on Amazon, both for Kindle and in print, with the third book in the series, Cissy, coming out in September of this year.   I also have several poems included in an anthology, Where Dreams and Visions Live (Anthologies of the Heart Book 1) by Mary Blowers, http://maryblowers.com, as well as a short story, Sarafina’s Light, also in an anthology, Blood Moon, compiled by Mary Blowers. I will also be working on a personal anthology of poetry to be released in 2016 as well.










4 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Robin E. Mason

  1. Hello Robin, I would love to join you for some strawberry crepes! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  3. Jennifer, thank you for your shout out nod to my aussie accent! (and now, of course, my brain is thinking in accent again!!) maybe i should have added bangers on the barbie to my cooking menu!! LOL

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