The Learning Will Never End

By Betty Boydtypewriter-1248088_1280

Until a couple of years ago, writer’s conferences were very foreign to me. I have attended various other types of conferences. It was part of my job. When I joined a local writer’s group almost three years ago, they were talking about all these wonderful writer’s conferences. I was intrigued.

So in 2015, I journeyed to my first writer’s conference with a writer friend, to the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference. The scenery is splendid, idyllic and set in the mountains of North Carolina.

There were almost 400 people in attendance, which was overwhelming for me. I loved the idea of choosing classes that encompassed all the genres of writing, but also business, marketing, and social media.

I was anxious about being around all the other writers who had already been published, or who wrote for great blogs. I felt like I didn’t belong, and that I could never measure up to any of these wonderful writers.

The first thing I learned was not to compare myself to anyone, and that God wanted me to be the writer he intended. I was where I was supposed to be at this juncture in my writing path.

At first, I didn’t want to sign up to talk to any of the teachers, editors, or agents because I didn’t have anything to pitch. But God gave me the courage to sign up, just so I could learn from the experience. The people I met with gave such great advice that succeeding at writing did not seem so distant to me.

The keynote speakers at the conference were inspiring, exciting, and committed in making sure that everyone did not quit but pursued their passion.

I took another leap of faith in May 2016 and attended my second writers conference. However, this time I felt like I really belonged. God had guided me here.

So what are writing conference experiences?

Can you write a story with these four words?

  • Inspire
  • Write
  • Pitch
  • Read