3 Questions Wednesday with Betty Boyd

img_9085Today’s guest is my friend and fellow Crew Member, Betty Boyd.

Hi, Betty! So glad you dropped by. First question:

What books have fortified you as a writer? How?

Betty: The Bible has always fortified me.  Additionally, I have many books by leadership guru, John Maxwell. His books on leadership have helped to be a better leader when I worked in the Federal Government.

I love his books too! Now…

What secret talents do you have?

Betty: My secret talent includes being a good listener, having compassion, and writing to lift people up.

That’s something we all need to do. Last question:

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Betty: Well, I am not really a cook, but if I were, I serve you shrimp and steak stir fry, with brown rice, and ice cream for dessert.

You can never go wrong with ice cream. 🙂 Thanks, Betty, for dropping in!

Betty is graciously offering a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card to one blessed person who leaves a comment. Make sure and give us a shout out for your chance to win!

img_9085Betty is a native of Pennsylvania and has called the Tennessee Valley home since 1994.  She is a freelance writer providing writing services to small and medium sized business clients. These services include web content, bios, case studies, blogs and other copy writing services. Her website boydwritingservices.com has more information on these and other areas of expertise.

4 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Betty Boyd

  1. Betty, it was a pleasure meeting you! I would love so share your shrimp and steak stir-fry and visit! 🙂

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