Natural Wonders in the Pumpkin Patch

by Betty Owens

Okay, I know it’s a stretch, but this is October 31st, after all. Here at the Writing Prompts blog, we’ve been talking natural wonders all month. We’ve shared our research and shown you some really nice pictures. fruit-189262_1280

So I thought, since it’s Halloween or All Hallows Eve for some, harvest festival for others, and just October 31st, for the rest of you, I’d talk about pumpkins. Really big pumpkins. Unusual pumpkins. That’s where the wonder comes in.

A new world record was set recently in Rhode Island with a 2,261.5-pound whopper. They call it the Godzilla of gourds. This information came from The Washington Post, in an article written by Ben Guarino.

But that’s still not the biggest pumpkin. The world record was set in Ludwigsberg, Germany. That super-pumpkin weighed in at 2,623 lbs. That information comes from article at International Business Times, article written by Alexandra Suarez.

pumpkin-17662_1280What does one do with a pumpkin the size of an elephant?


Or, maybe bake the world’s largest pumpkin pie? On September 25, 2010, New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers did just that. The pie was twenty feet in diameter, and weighed 3,699 lbs. That’s a whole lot a dough. Yes, it took 440 sheets of dough. But they used canned pumpkin. That pie made it into the Guinness Book of Records, by the way. Information from Newsweek.comarticle by Polly Mosendz.800px-Pumpkin_Pie

So what does happen to the gigantic gourds? I’ve heard they’re not really edible. Too fibrous. They save the seeds, though. It’s been suggested that they blow them up–just for fun. Hmm…

Well, at least they have pictures. Oh, and dough–the green kind–their winnings on the largest pumpkin. 🙂

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

I hope you enjoyed our month of Natural Wonders. And I hope you know this last article was Just For Fun! Drop back by during the month of November for our topic, The Art of Cooking.

pumpkinsWriting Prompt: Millicent spent an entire month sleeping in the pumpkin patch, guarding her entry for the largest pumpkin at the state fair. But when the day finally arrives, something unexpected happens…



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