3 Questions Wednesday with Bonita Y. McCoy

photo-2Today we welcome writer and blogger, Bonita Y. McCoy, to the Writing Prompts Blog.

Glad you dropped by, Bonita! First question:

What books have fortified you as a writer? How?

Bonita: As an English teacher for over ten years, I have read many of the great classics, but it is a time management book called The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen that inspired me most in my writing endeavors. I read it three years before I actually wrote my first manuscript. Then, once I started writing, I read it again.

The author explained writing as a business as well as a creative outlet. She showed the importance of social media and the function of each aspect of it. She called the writer’s attention to repurposing material and how to use even those things we deem as failures to pad the way to success.

However, the most fundamental, eye opening statement she made was so simple. You have to actually sit and write. I know that’s a no-brainer, but we get so distracted by so many other things in our writing life that sometimes the work, the writing, doesn’t get done.

Taking time to write is the hardest thing. Next…

What secret talents do you have?

Bonita: The ability to interrupt a movie or TV show with only five minutes or less left till the end. It’s uncanny. I’ll be in another room reading or working on a project and think, “Oh, I have this question. I’ll go ask my dear husband.” And inevitably I’ve chosen the climax moment to ask him to push the pause button. It’s been going on for twenty-seven years. He’s learned to laugh about it.

That is a unique talent. 🙂 Last question:

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Bonita: There would be a roast with carrots and potatoes waiting for you in the crock-pot, so I would have empty hands in order to give you a proper Southern welcome – hug and all. Of course, the crock-pot would keep everything nice and warm until all the hellos were said, and then I’d offer you something to drink like sweet tea or a diet soda.

If it has been a light day, I might make my zucchini bread with chocolate chips for dessert.

Sounds wonderful! Thanks, Bonita, for joining us today!

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