3 Questions Wednesday with Jayna Breigh

headshot-jayna-breighPlease welcome attorney and author, Jayna Breigh, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

Glad you could join us, Jayna. First question:

What books have fortified you as a writer? How?

Jayna: I have a thing for reading the Introductions to books and the Acknowledgement section. Interestingly, I have been fortified by small nuggets of writing advice found in books having nothing to do with the craft of writing. In the Acknowledgments to The Songs of Jesus by Timothy Keller and his wife Kathy Keller, Kathy says she and her husband were behind schedule with their writing right from the start of the project. Been there! Then she candidly admits that the first draft was, “unfortunately, awful−crammed full of information and ideas on every page that it was a dense as a haiku…” Guilty again. Their editor, “rightly rejected it because the format was too complex and not accessible enough.” Imagine, multi-published nationally renowned authors have their works rejected, make massive rewrites, have to start from scratch? The final product of all of their revisions and hard work is a beautiful and fortifying devotional that I have been loving for the past half a year.

The second nugget came as my children and I were listening to the audio book version of Watership Down by Richard Adams. Adams stated he submitted his manuscript, “to one publisher after another as well as to several literary agents. It was rejected again and again (seven times in all), always on the same ground…” Then Adams said this, “I refused to alter the draft in any way, and went on knocking on doors.” Amazing. He decided to believe in himself and what he wrote. How encouraging. Sometimes people just don’t get what we’ve written. If we’ve done our part−had it edited, critiqued, polished−we should have confidence in our effort. There is more in the Introduction, but there is not space here. In any event, Watership Down went on to win, among other prizes, the 1972 Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognizing the year’s best children’s book and the annual Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.

I love the novel Watership Down! 🙂 Such a wonderful allegory. Now…

What secret talents do you have?

Jayna: I am an introvert, but I can talk to anyone and I find almost everyone fascinating. As a lawyer I took hundreds of depositions. Meaning, I sat in a room and asked strangers questions for hours on end. Everyone has done something interesting. And, once you find the right question to determine that thing, you can talk to them for hours about it.

That’s such an encouraging talent. Last question:

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Jayna: One of two things would happen if you came to my house for dinner. We would either have takeout, or my husband would bustle me off to the side and commandeer the entire production. I don’t know what you would have. But, either way, I know you would like it.

So glad you dropped by! Jayna has graciously offered to give someone a $10 Amazon gift card just for commenting on her interview.  Comment below and be entered…

headshot-jayna-breighJayna Breigh is a wife, home educator, and an attorney who practiced in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles for more than a decade.  Currently she resides in the Southeast with her husband and two children.  Jayna enjoys online word tile games and British period dramas.

Jayna has spoken at women’s retreats, led women’s Bible studies, and has taught and facilitated women’s and parenting seminars on topics ranging from sharing the faith, life skills management, and mother daughter relationships. She is also a member of the ACFW. Her current work in progress is a Finalist in the Inspirational category of the First Coast Romance Writers 2016, Beacon Contest, and took Second Place in the Central Ohio Fiction Writers 2016, Ignite the Flame Contest. You can connect with Jayna at www.JaynaBreigh.com and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/JaynaBreigh.