Doggy Love at First Sight

By Betty Boyd


She was so fragile and small among the other litter of eight Chihuahua’s, an air of uniqueness that attracted my friend to this standout puppy. She was ailing, and needed of a lot of help and love, so Janet came to her rescue.  She named this adorable pup Ginger.

Ginger had to go through three operations. At least one of them made her very weak, and she almost didn’t make it. Janet’s love for this new puppy helped Ginger survive.

This breed of dog is generally sicklier than most.  It is a balancing act to make sure that their immune system is protected.  Janet’s faith and her love prevailed.  Ginger grew stronger and stronger with each passing day.  However, she had a major setback when an infection occurred.  Ginger faced several rounds with a vet who really did not want to help, but my friend triumphed, and Ginger once again became healthy.

Ginger has lived with my friend for over a year. During this time, she has drawn closer to this amazing dog.  Janet has grown children with lives of their own, and no husband. So, a void has been filled and Ginger provided the love that was needed.

How true it is that our pets are part of our families.  Ginger has become part of my friend’s family. Janet has never given up on Ginger and has been rewarded with a love that will never die.

Writing Prompt:  Imagine how your pet enhances your family…