Winter Winners

spring 1Spring is at our doorstep and winter will soon be a passing memory. But at the Writing Prompts blog, we still have time for a few more book winners before the snow melts. Are you on our list?

Gail Pallotta’s romance, Breaking Barriers, in either mobi (kindle), epub (nook) or PDF (winner’s choice) has been won by Randy Tramp. Congrats!

Betty Sanders has been picked to win either a Kindle or print copy of Jerusha Agen’s book,THIS REDEEMER . Congratulations!

Randy Knight’s book, Night to Knight, goes to Shauna Williams!

Nike Chillemi is gifting two copies of Harmful Intent to Caryl Kane and Randy Tramp. Woo hoo!

A copy of Restoration of the Heart by June Foster goes to Ann Ellison. Yay!

A big THANK YOU to all our faithful readers for taking the time to stop by and comment.

Disappointed you didn’t win? Next month, we’ll give away more books.  And don’t miss April. We’ll be giving away a gift card for the best answer to a writing prompt.

See you then...lamb 3