A Good Book is Worth More than A Thousand Words

By Tammy Trail

My favorite modern author? The topic this month is a hard one for me because I read a variety of genres and have several favorite authors. Narrowing it down to just one has been tough.

I thought about early influences that would make my choice easier. As a young student, I loved history. My brothers and I tended to gravitate toward television programs like Daniel Boone and Grizzly Adams. Frontiersmen who were larger than life; living extraordinary lives apart from the social norm. They lived in a time-period when American was young and untouched. They cut  new paths through untraveled countryside or made friends with bears.

My teen years were filled with more romance and dramatic taste in books and television. Who didn’t love watching Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder’s courtship on “Little House on the Prairie”? I was glued to the television one night each week with anticipation. Having read all the Little House books, I knew they eventually got married. Seeing it played out week after week by actors was a great treat for myself and other girls my age.

A few years ago, I found an author who mixes my love of the great unknown on the frontier with intriguing romance. I also follow her on Pinterest. Judging by the kinds of pins she saves, we share many similar interests. I just know we could be kindred spirits!

Laura Frantz is such a wonder with her pen. Her characters leap off the page with realistic conflict and personal growth. Courting Morrow Little is a great read. The title alone made me want to read the book. Who is this girl with such an unusual name? Why would we care about her courting activities? Unless, of course, there is more than one man waiting in line to court her.

Of course, there are two men. One man is a military officer who would be a safe, secure choice. The other man? Well … he would make tongues wag. Morrow’s judgment would be  questioned. 

The other book that I enjoyed reading very much is The Mistress of Tall Acre. Who isn’t intrigued by a marriage of convenience? I liked the heroine, Sophie Menzie. She’s a proud, strong woman with a heart of gold. And a secret crush. General Seamus Ogilvy is a likable hero who just can’t seem to catch a break. And when you think life for these two will be all sunshine and roses, a twist of fate comes into play. I won’t give it all away. You must read it for yourself.

A rainy day, a cup of hot tea, and one of Laura Frantz’ books. I can’t think of better way to spend time in the present.

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Writing Prompt: Every Thursday afternoon you can find Sally Thomas sitting on a bench inside the bookmobile……


9 thoughts on “A Good Book is Worth More than A Thousand Words

  1. I’m so honored to find Morrow and Sophie here, Tammy. Bless you for this insightful, honoring review! I’m thrilled you found my stories in the sea of books out there! And I’m so intrigued Morrow’s title drew you in! Originally, the working title was Red River Daughter but I do think my publisher’s pick is much better and far more romantic. The Writing Prompts Crew has a beautiful site here. Thank you for making my Monday so sweet! And happy reading!

  2. Hello Sandra! Great minds think alike as they say! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hope to see you again.

  3. Hello Laura!! I am so honored that you stopped by and commented. Red River Daughter is a good title, but Courting Morrow Little engaged my curiosity. I’m am very happy to read that you like out humble blog site. Please come and visit often.

  4. Hello Gail,

    I feel the same way too. Lots of choices in reading material leaves me wishing I had more hours in the day. Laura has a new book out, “A Moonbow Night.” Doesn’t that make you curious to find out what happens on a “moonbow night”? I hope to find out soon myself. It’s on my want list!

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