How to be Organized While Working from Home

By Betty Boyd


My writing journey began over thirty years ago when I did technical writing of various government documents. However, my real journey commenced when I retired and opened my professional writing business.

Having your own business causes you to become organized very quickly. You have to handle all the aspects of building the business, calling clients, attending meetings, and networking functions. Since I am a widow, I must also do all the relevant aspects of keeping up a household.

Writing helps me in focus and prioritize my work load, home life, and other pressures. The creative process keeps me grounded and I’m able to understand better how to meet my clients’ demands.

Life itself is a challenge, and writing gives me an outlet that I never dreamed possible. One great test of my commitment to this part of my life is the ability to carve out time to do it. Working from home has many distractions, so I’ve tried to learn discipline so I am able to press on and get the work done. Better organization has enabled me to slow down and think about what I write.

I’ve learned the Holy Spirit is the author and the authority over my words and has helped me to follow through. Organization in writing and other areas requires setting realistic goals. I re-evaluate as often as needed to make sure I’m following the will of God in what He wants me to write.

Since I write during different times of the day, one way I stay on task is to set a time limit. For example, I write for an hour, and then stop. I go do something else that requires my attention without neglecting my writing.

Finally, I want to make sure I am serving God and others in the best manner.

Three-word prompt: Organizing is what…