Lessons from the Heart

By Betty Boyd


All families have their ups and downs and mine is no different. Each person learns different values, and ideas based upon their environment. I grew up in a home with Italian and Irish-Scottish heritage. My Dad was stern, while my Mom was gentle and kind.

The value of hard work and how to spend money wisely was instilled from an early age . I came from a family of five siblings, and my parents, so money had to go a long way. There was not much languishing, there were always chores to do, homework and of course, attending church every Sunday.

I grew up in the turbulent 1960’s and 1970’s and watched our country change. My ideas stem from this and being frequently punished to keep us all in line. My Dad loved all of us, but it was hard for him to be demonstrative. My Mom was the light in an otherwise very strict upbringing.

At the time, this seemed too harsh for me to comprehend, but over time I have come to appreciate that my parents were doing the best they could.  Both are gone, but my love for them has not diminished, it has grown.

We had our arguments and struggles, but also forgiveness, and the unconditional love that all parents want to give their children. I feel so blessed to have been raised in such a way as to truly appreciate what I have, to dream, and do what I do today.

I am a widow with no children, and have no immediate family in the area.  I do have my Savior, my church family, close friends, and my two brothers to call upon when I need help of any kind.

It all comes down to my world view. Do I want to be bitter and angry for how I was raised? My Mom and Dad were great examples of what parents should be. I am truly grateful for the family I have, and look forward to being the best person I can be for all.


Family is important …


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