Saving the Old-fashioned Way

by Betty Owens

I have a confession to make–I’m not a coupon-cutter. I tend to be overwhelmed by the whole process. Even after spending time and energy cutting out coupons, I forget I have them. They turn to clutter in my purse.

I know this is probably offensive to some of you, but there it is. I’m not proud of it.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t save money, because I do. I do it in my own way. Yes, I use those little cards I get in the mail from a certain department store. And I cash in on their extra savings with a credit card I pay off every time I use it.

How I save the most money is in itself another confession, I suppose. How I save:  I don’t spend. I’m a little bit miserly. When I need something, I think of fifteen excuses why I don’t really need it, and how I can live without it.

I also believe in the piggy-bank method, only I don’t have an actual piggy bank, I have a savings account. I use that to pay for things that are difficult to find the money for in our sometimes very tight  budget.

And I have a penny jar, but the penny jar has more than pennies. It holds whatever I find in the bottom of my purse. Quarters, dimes, nickels…these usually end up as an annual gift to a ministry through our church. Every penny counts.

So now that you know the ugly truth–but wait–I’m a miser who actually gives away things. Hmm…does that offset my miserly instincts? I’m not a total Scrooge, I promise. I do love spending money on others.

I think I came by this naturally. My mother has the same tendencies. She lived through many difficult circumstances, saved green stamps and quality stamps. That’s how we got our toaster oven and hand mixer, among other things. When Dad was in the Navy, she lived off a sack of potatoes for the entire month so she could afford to pay for formula.

I do like to grow things and make things. I tend to cook from scratch, rather than depend on expensive mixes. I grow herbs in my flower bed to use in cooking, which saves a few dollars here and there. I re-purpose things. And I’ve learned many good uses for plain, white vinegar (thank you, Pinterest!).

So, in lieu of a writing prompt, let’s take a quick poll–

While we’re on the subject of savings, I have a new book due to release any day now. Sutter’s Landing, Kinsman Redeemer, Book 2, is the sequel to Grace Award-winner, Annabelle’s Ruth. For a limited time, you can pre-order the Kindle version for only $2.99. That’s a $2.00 savings. Click  on the book’s cover to read more about it.

I also have a 3 Questions Wednesday (on Thursday) interview coming up June 15, right here on the Writing Prompts blog.

At that time, I’ll offer a copy of the book to one commenter.  (Remember, even though I have miserly instincts, I love giving stuff away.) So, don’t be surprised if I give more than one. 🙂

Happy Savings!

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2 thoughts on “Saving the Old-fashioned Way

  1. Love your penny jar idea, Betty. We save our coins for metered parking downtown. Lol. I’m a couponer, but don’t really save much that way. I think I’m a bit dinosaurish about keeping a savings account for various big dollar expenses for the year, but it works. Great post!

  2. Thanks, Tori. Hey, it works, so you can’t fault it. When I’ve actually remembered to use the coupons I’ve clipped, it makes me very happy. Even it’s only a few cents.

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