Ecclesiastes-Living Life with Purpose

By Betty Boyd


A famous song from the 1960’s sung by the musical group, The Birds, was titled Turn, Turn, Turn. This song is based upon chapter three of the Book of Ecclesiastes. When I was young kid, I was fascinated by both the message and the meaning of the words it contains.

I’ve read Ecclesiastes more than once, and I receive a different life lesson each time. The word Ecclesiastes comes from the Greek word for “preacher” or “teacher” and King Solomon was its author.

The examples of living a life with the purpose of serving Jesus Christ is significant to me. This book is about the reflections on life and what we should do to be better people. It contains positive and negative connotations about our existence, and how things really are. Though there are twelve chapters in the Book of Ecclesiastes, the one I most want to focus on is chapter three.

Chapter 3 reminds us that all things happen for a reason. We weep, mourn, love, hate, are born, kill, can be killed, embrace, gain, lose and then there is death. Ecclesiastes 3:12-14 cites “there is nothing better than to rejoice, and to do well in life. For this is a gift from God when each man eats and drinks, and sees the good results of his labor.  …we are not able to add anything, nor take anything away, from those things which God has made in order the he may be feared.”

The rejoicing in one’s work is my favorite concept from this chapter. God wants me to do well, and I depend upon him for everything. Since God already knows what is going to happen in my life, it is my choice to freely say yes, and to realize that all things are possible.


Writing prompt: What is your favorite book in the Bible and the one best lesson you learned.



3 thoughts on “Ecclesiastes-Living Life with Purpose

  1. I am reading this book right now, and it has always been one of my favorites. Although some of Solomon’s conclusions are depressing, It gives me hope in that I have trouble with depression and yet that doesn’t have to be a stumbling block when learning about God. Solomon still learned profound things even when he thought life was mostly hopeless.

  2. I agree, JP. I think the most important thing for us who deal with depression is hope. And what better place to find it than in the Word of God? Thank you for sharing that nugget of truth. Blessings on your week! 🙂

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