3 Questions Wednesday with Lynn U. Watson

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday, Lynn Watson!

Lynn Watson serves others through women’s ministry and her complementary healthcare practice. Love for God’s Word coupled with a long-time passion for essential oils, prompted Lynn to write her first devotional, The Essence of Courage.

The same warm nutty aromas of coffee and fresh baked bread welcoming guests to Cinnamah-Brosia’s Coffee Cottage in Lynn’s books, also make friends feel right at home in Lynn’s kitchen.

Question:  What inspires you?

Lynn:  My passion for essential oils and their place in the life and times of Bible characters was the original inspiration for Cinnamah-Brosia’s Inspirational Collections. In The Essence of Courage and the soon to be released The Essence of Joy she and her friends share stories drawn from real life women.

We all have stories to share. Many women with whom I do life welcome their stories being fictionalized and shared in this Coffee Cottage setting.  Our journeys encourage others to see how God showed up in the midst of our circumstances to bring significant transformations. Digging deeper into the lives of the women we meet on the pages of the Bible, I discover so much inspiration for us in the 21st century. I mention a novel in question. Again inspiration comes from a real life woman, my great-grandmother, disowned by her own family and sent away across the ocean alone in the 1880’s. I’m missing much of her story, but I know enough to create a novel wrought with the possibilities and seeming impossibilities for a woman in her circumstances and her era.

I love that. Yes, we do all have stories to share.

Next question–You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Lynn: Tangerine. The color, the fruit, and the citrusy aroma spreads joy, sunshine, and fun! I ride a tangerine bicycle, too. I’ve named her Gloria, and we enjoy great times together.

Good choice! Tangerine is in the orange family. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness, according to my trusty “favorite colors” page.

Final Question–As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Lynn: My mother always told me I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I didn’t. Becoming a teenager in the Flower Child era of the 1960’s, I believed there must be some where to help people in a meaningful way – like the Peace Corps or a mission opportunity. With no encouragement to push toward my dreams, I went to college instead lacking any real goal. I earned an undergraduate degree in Journalism with an emphasis in advertising and public relations.

I traded a career in the field to stay home and care for my children. I always enjoyed writing, but little did I ever expect the writing and the marketing skills I learned would be useful in becoming a published author 40+ years later. That idea remained more of a family joke around our home. My husband always asked, “When are you going to write your novel, and make us rich?” Ha! No novel — yet. But one devotional book with a second on the way is a great start. The novel is another dream for another day. Its reality, though, has become a growing blip on the horizon. Who would have ever thought?

Why is it, husbands always think we’re going to make them rich? Ha ha! Sounds like you’ve had a good life, and the best is yet to come (sorry for the cliche). Thanks for answering our 3 Questions, Lynn!

Readers, I hope you enjoyed this week’s 3 Questions Wednesday. Lynn Watson has graciously offered a free copy of her book, The Essence of Courage, to one of our readers.

Do you have a question for Lynn?

Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below for a chance to win the book. Now, keep reading for more information about the free book and her upcoming release.

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The Essence of Courage: Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit in Solomon’s Locked Garden and in Your Heart
books, devotions, non-fiction

The Essence of Courage by Lynn U. Watson

This first volume in a series of inspirational collections for women will take you on a journey of adventure and exploration in a secret place. Discover the key to Solomon’s locked Garden. Breathe in the fragrant aromas, and gather the spices and essential oils of an abundant harvest as he attributes their essences to the woman he has chosen as his bride.

*You’ll uncover the fruit of the Spirit when you cultivate them in your heart.
*You’ll focus on women of the Bible whose live reflect the fruit.
*In spite of everyday messiness and challenges of life, Cinnamah-Brosia and her friends (you’ll meet them on the pages of this book, too) courageously use these essences to season the world around them with an overflowing measure of Jesus.
*You’ll find fun facts about the spices and essential oils along with ways for you to enjoy incorporating reminders of the fruit they represent into your life.

Grab a cup of coffee, along with some friends, and come find courage to face life with gusto.

Coming October 2017

In time for Christmas

The Essence of Joy

Filling Your Heart with the Aromas of Jesus’ Nativity

Watch for it on Kindle and Amazon, and other online booksellers.

You’ll find Lynn Watson at the following locations:

Website: http://LynnUWatson.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lynnuwatson

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lynnuwatson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lynnuwatson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lynnuwatson











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