Living the Sports Chick Dream!

My friend, Latoscia Mason is wild about football! As you can see from this picture, she really gets into her role as a sports chick. To say she loves football, is an under-statement!

She’s an Alabama fan, a University of Louisville (UofL) fan, and a football mom. I could go on and on, but I think I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Because this sports chick is having a stellar year.

By the way – her son plays football at Fern Creek High School – in my neighborhood. I graduated from FCHS a few years back (snicker). The Tigers made a name for themselves in 2016, and are doing well this year, too. Keep your eye on #85!

And she’s passing the football-loving gene on to the third generation!

I think that’s pretty amazing. What a grandma (actually, I think she’s called “Glamma”).

So, here’s to a winning season, Sports Chick! May your teams score big this year.

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Latoscia is not just about football, she’s a minister, too. You’ll find her at Within You Ministries on Facebook. Most weekends, she and her team are ministering at KCIW — Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women.

From Latoscia’s Facebook post~

Over the years, the overwhelming love of God has glowed through me when I didn’t see anything but darkness! But God…in His infinite wisdom, with total surrender/obedience, His love has illuminated and transformed me from the inside out! If you are in a dark place, surrender, give it to Him. He shall light and direct your path. I’m a witness of his constant ❤️ grace, mercy and faithfulness. I couldn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it, but He has kept me! When I 👀back over my life, and I think things over…I can truly say that I AM BLESSED! TGBTG! #TBTPic







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