The Smart Phone Phenomenon

By Betty Boyd


Can you live without your cell phone? Imagine sitting by a land line and waiting for an expected call. Our smart phones are one of the most technological advancements in the last twenty years.

Initially, mobile phones were generally used for talking. When Steve Jobs in 2007 presented to the world the first I-Phone, this changed the trajectory of what smart phones should be. In the early going, developers added new features such as voicemail. Other brands such as Samsung and Motorola broke into the market and continued to advance.

Our cell phones are now multimedia driven. You can take photos, video chat, stream many forms of content, play games, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and search the internet. The list goes on and on.

The smart phone now comes in many sizes and a variety of colors. They include higher screen resolution and operating system interfaces are of high quality, and have greater storage capacity.

Customers are demanding more and more of their mobile devices. They are replacing our laptops, TV’s, and even tablets. These devices are streamlined. Our data is now stored in the cloud, and artificial intelligence is included in the package.

The smart phone has revolutionized lives over the last twenty years and will continue to advance in the future. What changes are in store?

Writing prompt: How has the smart phone changed your life?