3 Questions Wednesday with Shirley Crowder

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday.

I first met Shirley Crowder at the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference. We usually share a book table and have a great time. She writes devotionals and non-fiction and is a beautiful, delightful lady.

So, let’s see how she answers our 3 Questions–

Question: Shirley, what inspires you?

Shirley:  Music inspires me. The combination of the melody and harmonies, in concert with the dynamics, help give depth, color, and richness to the words. Through music I can express my awe, love, and gratitude to the Sovereign God of the Universe, my Savior. Music also allows me to admit my dependence upon God, confess and repent of my sin, ask Him for strength, thank Him for my salvation, and praise Him for Who He is. Then, I am able to go forth into the world and make disciple-makers as I write, teach, counsel, and minister to others.

What a wonderful answer!

Next question–You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Shirley: It would definitely have to be a shade of purple named Passion. It would represent that I am a daughter of the King of kings and set-apart by God to do ministry. It would also have an element of unpredictability and fun. If you looked at something in this shade, you would wonder what is coming next!

Oh, I know you love purple! Lovers of purple are said to be witty and sensitive. It’s definitely your color.

Final Question–As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Shirley: I always wanted to be a mom and have a dozen children. Six biological and six adopted. Instead of twelve, the Lord has given me more children than I can count. OK, before those who do not know me faint, let me explain. The Lord has given me spiritual children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren who are now serving the Lord in The States and in about fifty countries throughout the world.

I love that answer. God places us in families, and you are many times blessed.

Thanks, Shirley, for visiting 3 Questions Wednesday, and giving our readers the chance to get to know you better. Readers, Shirley will be a contributor to the blog in 2018, so look for more from her. You can also find her at Through the Lens of Scripture.

Click to tweet: Shirley Crowder is a missionary kid who was born in Nigeria, West Africa. How will she answer our #3Questions? #InspiredPrompt

Shirley Crowder is a missionary kid (MK) who was born in Nigeria, West Africa. She has a passion for disciple-making and loves to share about her spiritual children who are scattered across the world serving the Lord. She is a biblical counselor; a regular guest on “Think on These Things,” a Birmingham Alabama radio/TV program for women; and a freelance writer. Shirley is commissioned by, and serves on the national Advisory Committee for, The Addiction Connection. She authored “Study Guide on Prayer—A Companion to Prayer: It’s Not About You”; co-authored a seasonal devotional book “Glimpses of the Savior”; co-authored “Hope for New Beginnings” with Dr. Howard Eyrich; co-authored the chapter, “Paul and Women in Ministry” in the book “Paul the Counselor” published by Focus Publishing; and has several articles which have appeared in “The Gadsden Times” Faith section’s Paper Pulpit.

Glimpses of Prayer – a devotional

Shirley Crowder and Writing Prompts contributor, Harriet Michael have co-authored another devotional! Here are the details:

God is looking for prayer warriors. • Start each day meditating on prayers in the Bible. • Strengthen your relationship with God through prayer. We have two primary means of communicating with God—the Bible and prayer. But what is prayer, really? This book of 50 devotions will help you look at many facets of prayer. Each devotion is centered around prayer and focuses on verses from the Old Testament and the New Testament that speak about prayer. We pray the Holy Spirit would work through these devotions to help you gain a better understanding of prayer and to ignite or deepen your passion to know Him better, resulting in you experiencing a richer more powerful prayer life.

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9 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Shirley Crowder

  1. Wonderful and heartfelt interview my sweet friend! May God continue to use you in your service for Him!

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