What Christmas Means to Me

By Betty Boyd


Christmas has been called the most wonderful time of the year and I do believe that it is. I bought a porcelain Nativity scene many years ago and I keep it out all year. This Nativity keeps the meaning of Christmas in my mind all year. The coming of our Lord is the true meaning for Christmas. I really like Advent which helps prepare me for His coming. Advent is a time when one prepares spiritually for the coming of the birth of Christ.

While I wait during the days leading up to Christmas, I practice with the choir all the traditional songs for the midnight Mass which I take part. This preparation allows me to feel more in tune with our Lord’s birth. There is a true link within these songs that makes me feel that all this hustle and bustle is worth it.

I truly look forward to the midnight Mass. Our church is fully decorated, and the pews filled with parishioners ready to celebrate the true significance the season has to offer. I sing my heart out to honor the birth of our Savior. Once the Mass is over, I feel a little disappointed, but I know that this was my present to our Lord, just like the magi.

Life has many expectations, for me, as I wait for the Lord. He is coming soon and Christmas is one way for all of us to celebrate the anticipation of His birth.

Merry Christmas!