Connections: Social Media & Networking Techniques for Writers by Edie Melson

Social Media. Is it a curse or blessing?


During the month of June, we’re going to take social media and dissect the rhyme and reason behind it. What is it? Which platform is best for you? Do you, as writers, even need bother? If you missed it, check out Ralene Burke’s article which posted here yesterday. It’s well worth the read.

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing social media expert, Edie Melson. She has the proven expertise to teach others how to plug in and reach their target audience without the restraint of physical boundaries.

Edie, we’re so glad you could join us. Tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

Edie: My mother would tell you that I’ve been writing since I could crawl to a white wall with a crayon in my hand. That may or may not be true. What is true is the fact that I process life by writing things out. I’m passionate about helping others find their voices and live their stories. That plays out in my fiction and nonfiction and in my passion to help other writers navigate the rocky and ever-changing path of social media, blogging, branding, and platform building.

And we appreciate the help! This month we’re discussing social media. What are your three favorite social media venues?

Edie: I love Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I am on Facebook daily because I make valuable connections with my audience, but it’s not a platform that I enjoy.

There are so many different venues out there. Do you think Facebook and Twitter are here to stay? 

Edie: Yes. But I think they are evolving right now. The way we used them last year is not the way we’ll use them in the future.

That’s exciting and a little scary. Are there any new social media sites that our readers should know about?

Edie: I think all the changes and new guidelines on FB and Twitter are pushing users to try new networks and ways of interacting with readers. For me, even though it’s not technically a new site, I’m finding that I love Instagram. I’m on there as @Stop2Pray and have been able to connect with a different set of people than I’ve been interacting with on FB and Twitter. I’m also loving the growth I’m seeing on Pinterest.

I’m a big fan of Pinterest also. Now, I know you love to teach. Tell our readers about some of your classes.

Edie: I teach writers how to more effectively use social media to connect with their readers. Social media is a valuable tool, but we need to learn how to use it without spending hours a day on it instead of on writing. However, I’m also passionate about the fact that social media is a valuable part of our call to write. It’s not something we do that takes us away from what God has asked us to do. In truth, we can reach people through social media that may never read our books. AND we have the opportunity to impact the very dark places online with the light of Christ.

I also teach writers how to blog effectively. Blogging can help us connect with our readers, prove we have something valuable to say and provide incredible community building opportunities. Blogging isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor and I love helping writers find what works for their specific situations.

Blogging is a great way to connect. And we all want to make a difference. How can our readers sign up for one-on-one sessions with you to learn more about social media?

Edie: I offer a free evaluation and initial consultation for social media coaching and blog coaching. Then I’m available on an hourly basis or by purchasing specific packages. You can contact me through 

You can also get more information about what I teach on my blog:

I encourage all of our readers to follow your blog. And at the end of her bio below, check out her latest novel, Maiden of Iron, just released.

Click to tweet: “In truth, we can reach people through social media that may never read our books. AND we have the opportunity to impact the very dark places online with the light of Christ.” Edie Melson, social media maven. #socialmedia #write

Now, a little more about Edie’s social media resource, Connections: Social Media & Networking Techniques for Writers.

 Connections: Social Media & Networking Techniques for Writers.

So how much time do I really have to spend on social networking?” It’s the question that plagues every armchair marketer. What is Social Media? How much time do I need to spend on Facebook and Twitter? Do I need Pintrest. What about my blog – who is going to follow it?

Social Networking can be overwhelming – yet, it is essential for a successful writer. Thankfully, with the right techniques, it can be streamlined and maximized to produce exactly the results you need. Written by prolific author, blogger, editor and My Book Therapy Social Media coach Edie Melson, you’ll learn everything you need to maximize your social networking to create powerful connections.

Amazon link:

Find your voice, live your story…is the foundation of Edie Melson’s message, no matter if she’s writing for non-fiction readers, parents, military families, fiction readers or writers. As an author, blogger, and speaker she’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world. Her numerous books reflect her passion to help others develop the strength of their God-given gifts and apply them to their lives.

In addition, as a respected expert in social media, Edie has the proven expertise to teach others how to plug in and reach their target audience without the restraint of physical boundaries. In her role as social media coach she’s worked with clients that range from authors and speakers to business and ministry leaders. Her bestselling eBook on this subject, has been updated, expanded and re-released as Connections: Social Media & Networking Techniques for Writers.

As a leading professional within the publishing industry, she travels to numerous conferences as a popular keynote, writing instructor and mentor. Her blog for writers, The Write Conversation, reaches thousands each month and has been named to the Writer’s Digest Top 101 Websites for Writers. She’s the Director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, Vice President of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and the Social Media Director for Southern Writers Magazine. She’s also a regular columnist for and Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Maiden of Iron: A Steampunk Fable

When Marion Ravenswood’s brother is killed in a duel fighting for her honor, their father, the Engineering Guildmaster withdraws refusing to speak with anyone. It’s now up to Marion to save the guild’s children and reclaim the family honor. But will a chance encounter with the prince of thieves be an answered prayer or will he just steal her heart and abandon them all?

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