3 Questions Wednesday with Deborah Dee Harper

Deborah Dee Harper now writes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, after living in Alaska for a year where she chased bears and moose and generally made a pest of herself. She writes inspirational, humorous books for both children and adults, and when she’s not writing or visiting grandchildren, she enjoys herb gardening, photography, and very, very amateurish astronomy.

Welcome back to 3 Questions Wednesday, Deborah!

First question—Can you describe yourself in three words?

Forgiven, funny, maternal

Forgiven because I’m a Christ-follower, funny because I write humor and try to see the lighter side of life, and maternal because I thrive as a mother and grandmother. I’m not married now, so my focus for the past several years has been to provide the best care and devotion I’m capable of toward my children, their spouses, and their children. Part of that focus is presenting a Christ-like model, and humor is my way of enduring life’s difficult times.

Those are great words that go together well. Next question—

Someone offers you a fully-paid writing research trip to any place you desire to go. Where would it be and why?

I’d go to Israel. I’ve long wanted to visit the land of Christ’s birth, ministry, death, and resurrection. I can’t imagine all the ways a trip there would change my life, but at the very least, visiting the places I’ve only read about in the Bible and other supporting books and articles certainly would give me a new perspective. Learning through books those places He visited, the roads He took to move around the country, and the vistas He saw is one thing. Seeing them for myself would bring them to life vividly. I know people who have made the trip and their reports are all the same. It’s life-changing, awesome, and moves your heart, mind, and soul in ways nothing else can.

What a wonderful choice! It would be life-changing. And speaking of life, here’s the last question—

If someone made a movie of your life, what would be the theme song?

I believe “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” would sum up my life very well. I’m still a sinner and no doubt will be one until I take my last breath. Knowing my sins have been (and always will be) forgiven is something I cling to daily.

I love that, Deborah. Readers, Deborah Dee Harper has some exciting news!

I have two books coming out this summer! Misjudge is the third book in my Road’s End series, and Laramie on the Lam is my children’s adventure series coming out in six different books, one per week. To date, four of the books are available.

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of my coming release, Misjudge, or one of my Laramie books (winner’s choice!), leave me a comment to enter.

Here’s more about the books:

Misjudge is the third book in my Road’s End series, and Laramie on the Lam is my children’s adventure series coming out in six different books, one per week. To date, four of the books are available.

In Misjudge, the POTUS returns to Road’s End, Virginia, for an international peace conference, despite Road’s End being the most cantankerous place in the free world. Love is in the air, Emma River comes face-to-face with her history, and the citizens reveal unusual things about themselves. It will be published this summer. I hope readers will take away the message that we all, no matter our age, have valuable contributions to make to society.

In Laramie on the Lam, 11-year-old Laramie Wyoming finds himself in hot water when he holds open the door for some men not realizing they’re robbing the bank. When one of the men stashes $30,000 in Laramie’s backpack, his life changes forever. He and his family and his worst enemy (and now foster brother) travel across the United States in a motorhome so his mother can gather information for her travel books, and the bank robbers chase them every inch of the way. They visit interesting locations, encounter wildlife, lots of adventure, humor, and some mysterious help along the way. Book #1 is pictured and they can all be found here: https://tinyurl.com/y6vh3szc

Laramie on the Lam teaches youngsters

  • The importance and value of depending on their parents, and the joys of visiting interesting, historic, and scenic places around our country
  • How to get along with others—even if that other kid is your worst enemy
  • The comfort of knowing God is always watching over them

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