3 Questions Wednesday with Ann H. Gabhart

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday!

This week’s guest is Ann H. Gabhart, bestselling author of over thirty novels, which include her popular Shaker series. Most of these novels are set in her home state of Kentucky. I love reading about her nature walks and “Shaker Wednesday,” on her author page and blog.

Welcome to the Inspired Prompt blog, Ann. First question—Can you describe yourself in three words?

Country. Storyteller. Blessed.

There’s something very endearing about these words. I think your stories reflect “blessed country storyteller”. Now, second question

Someone offers you a fully-paid writing research trip to any place you desire to go. Where would it be and why?

Oh wow, I think I should write a story about Hawaii, but hmm, I don’t know much about volcanoes and might not want to find out more firsthand. I could go to Scotland. Those Scottish heroes are always so handsome and manly. Or I could tour Texas. In a state that big I should be able to find enough story ideas to last me forever. But I really like writing stories with Kentucky history and settings. It would be a waste to take a fully paid research trip to Kentucky, but it might be fun. However, I feel like I need to go somewhere more exotic. So, I’m going to Australia. Maybe a ranch in Australia. Do they call them ranches? See, I need to do research. I do know Australia has some great history and if I go there I’ll find out about the climate and take hundreds of pictures and surely find a story somewhere. So, mates, let’s pack up and head for the Outback.

I love the way you think! And if you find yourself on a station in Australia, I’ve no doubt you’ll come back with a pouch-full of stories to tell! That brings us to question number three—

If someone made a movie of your life, what would be the theme song?

“I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool”

But I really doubt anybody would ever want to make a movie of my life unless they wanted to market it as a sleep aide. I’m blessed that there wouldn’t be enough drama in my life to keep folks from yawning. Then again with a little fictional finesse most any life can be turned into an interesting saga, right? I did marry young and was a teenage mom. I grew up on a farm and was a farmwife. I’ve had lots of dog friends and some strange encounters with cows. Maybe I should focus on the dog theme and come up with another blockbuster, tearjerker dog story movie. With, of course, that fictional finesse to make everything just a bit more intriguing to the movie goer. 🙂

Perfect! I laughed out loud as I pictured strange encounters with cows. Most of our lives probably fall into this category, but who we really are and what means most to us in life could at least garner a good Hallmark movie. Thank you so much, Ann, for giving our readers a glimpse into your life.

Readers, Ann H. Gabhart has a new book releasing soon, so I asked her to tell us a little bit about the story:

The germ of the idea for River to Redemption came from a true story about the actions of a slave in Springfield, Kentucky during the 1833 cholera epidemic. Unaffected by the disease, he heroically took care of the sick and dug the graves to bury the fifty-five cholera victims. Years later, the town of Springfield rewarded his actions by buying his freedom. My story is a fictional imagining of how that might have happened and what kind of man Louis must have been.

River to Redemption by Ann H. Gabhart

One young woman must stand up for freedom—and perhaps find her own in the process.

Orphaned in the cholera epidemic of 1833, Adria Starr was cared for by a slave named Louis, a man who passed up the opportunity to escape his bondage and instead tended to the sick and buried the dead. A man who, twelve years later, is being sold by his owners despite his heroic actions.

Now nineteen, Adria has never forgotten what Louis did for her. She’s determined to find a way to buy Louis’s freedom. But in 1840s Kentucky, she’ll need all of the courage and strength she possesses—and more.

ANN H. GABHART is the bestselling author of over thirty novels. Ann’s novels, including her popular Shaker series and her new release River to Redemption, have Kentucky backgrounds. Ann also writes about family life, love and sometimes mystery (as A.H. Gabhart).  She has three children and nine grandchildren and enjoys life out on her Kentucky farm. To find out more about Ann, visit www.annhgabhart.com or join the fun on her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/anngabhart or Twitter @AnnHGabhart

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31 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Ann H. Gabhart

  1. Thanks, Joy of Reading. I think we could share some smiles and stories about books we’ve read if the name of your website is any indication. I’m taking a pause this month between writing my books to do some extra reading.

  2. I loved your answers! Having heard you before, I could hear your voice in my head while I read! I’m looking forward to reading River to Redemption! God bless!

  3. I love the song you chose. I love the old country songs. Your book sounds so interesting and I want to read it. Thanks for allowing me to have this opportunity to win it,

  4. Great, Marilyn. That question about a song was a hard one for me, but that’s the song that came to mind. Good luck in the drawing and I hope when you get a chance to read my book, you’ll enjoy the story.

  5. I enjoyed this post. I was trying to think of 3 words to describe myself, I think , country, quiet, reader.

  6. That was a really fun post to read. Loved your three words. I think mine would be…gosh that is kind of a hard question. Maybe affectionate, frank and crafty!

  7. Thanks, Gina. I always think it’s interesting how well we do remember voices and can recognize voices on the phone. It surprises me how distinctive all of our spoken voices are. As far as that goes, our writing voices have some of that same distinction. Hope you’ll enjoy the new book when you get a chance to read it.

  8. Not sure where to comment. I left one somewhere else(?). I loved your interview and your new book looks great!
    Compassionate, trusting, loyal!!!

  9. cheerful, positive, determined
    I’m guessing those are the 3 words most people would describe me as….

    As for me ….
    short, stubborn, loyal

  10. Hey Ann,
    You know I’m one if your biggest fans as a person and writer!
    Three words to describe myself :

  11. Tenacious, although some say “stubborn”.

    Reader, but you all know that.

    Loyal, sometimes to my own detriment.

  12. Well, three words, but I’m hoping that second one by itself doesn’t describe you, Faye., although at times “cross” might fit me. Just ask my crazy dog Frankie when he’s not listening to me. LOL

  13. Glad you enjoyed the interview, Fay. I like your three words but I have to wonder about that crafty one. Does that mean you do crafts or you have a way of getting what you want? 🙂

  14. No problem, Darlene. You’re in the right place now. Glad you enjoyed reading the interview and that you think my new story looks like one you’d like to read. You have some good words there. A lot of people are leaving their three words on my Facebook author page and loyal seems to be a popular one to describe themselves. Loyalty is a good thing.

  15. An interesting take on the questions, Megan – how others would describe you compared to how you describe you. Nothing wrong with either list. A person is only as tall as God made her. 🙂

  16. Right, Carrie. You jumped on board with my books way back with my first inspirational novel, Scent of Lilacs. I appreciate you. Those are great words for you too.

  17. I’ve been told I’m stubborn ever since I was a kid. Not a bad attribute if you don’t take it to extremes. It just mean you don’t give up on what you want to do easily. Tenacious and determined might be the words that sound better, even if we really are stubborn, Laura. I could have put reader on mine and loyal too. I’m sure you’ve blessed some of your family and friends with your loyalty.

  18. We were on the road and visiting Noak’s Ark in Kentucky, so I missed this. I really have enjoyed Ann’s writings! It is fun to hear more about her. I know this book will be a great read! These 3 Questions Wednesdays are so much fun!

  19. Glad you joined in after your trip, Becky. I appreciate you reading my books and your enthusiasm about River to Redemption. Always fun to have a new book about to burst on the scene.

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