3 Questions Wednesday with Ellen Fannon


Good morning! It is my pleasure to welcome author Ellen Fannon to the Inspired Prompt. Ellen has released a new book, Other People’s Children.

Good morning, Ellen.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Ellen: Compassionate, generous, droll.

I like droll. 🙂 Next question . . .

Someone offers you a fully-paid writing research trip to any place you desire to go. Where would it be and why?

Ellen: That’s easy.  It would most definitely be Israel. There is so much historical, geographical, political, archeological, and scientific information being unearthed daily in Israel, which only confirms the accuracy of our Bible. Having been privileged to visit Israel in 1998 and again two years ago, the Bible literally came alive for me and it gave me a much deeper understanding of the events recorded. Actually being in the same places where Biblical history occurred, along with a realization of the political climate, geography, etc. of the time made everything more personal and real.  And there are no words which can adequately express my feelings of being in the authentic places where Jesus stood over 2000 years ago.

Stunning views and Biblical history combine for a fantastic trip. Now for your last question.

If someone made a movie of your life, what would be the theme song?

Ellen: That question is a little tougher because there are so many good songs which would be appropriate. However, since I have to narrow it down to one, I chose “Blessings” by Laura Story. Not only do I love the musical score (which is important to me as a musician), but the words are so meaningful. How often do we pray to have everything our way, to have everything easy and comfortable in our lives? Yet how many times do we find blessings in the midst of trials, or blessings we would never have experienced if it weren’t for trials? Let’s face it, I don’t think any of us would deliberately pray for problems.  But God always knows what’s best for us, and it is through the fires in our lives that we are refined into more of what He wants us to be. I have heard it said that God never wastes a hurt. I have to cling to that promise and Romans 8:28 during times of difficulties.

 A lovely song. Thank you for dropping by, Ellen.

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Readers, Ellen is offering an e-book of Other’s Peoples Children to one person who leaves a comment!

 Other People’s Children

As a mid-thirties childless woman, Robin has all the answers on proper parenting. It doesn’t take long, however, for Robin to realize that her perfect parenting ideas and reality often collide—the result being an amusing journey of finding out that God, indeed, has a sense of humor. As she deals with the baggage, idiosyncrasies, unique personalities, and special gifts of each child who crosses her path, she finds that there is no “one-size fits all” to parenting.

In spite of the challenges she and her husband face, they are determined to become the children’s strongest advocates in a flawed system that often fails the very victims it is designed to protect. The journey is often heartbreaking and frustrating, but these foster parents are firmly resolved that for whatever time they have children in their care, the children will know they are safe, protected, and loved by God, as well as by their foster parents.

Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. ISBN: 9781632134462

Ellen Fannon has always had a keen interest in writing, starting at three years old when she would draw and tell herself the stories. As a child, she wrote many short stories, including a biography on John Glenn’s first space flight, when she was six years old. Some of her short stories were published in her high school’s literary magazine, Esprit, which she edited during her junior and senior years. Her writing took a hiatus while she got her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Cincinnati in 1976, graduating summa cum laude, and later her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from The Ohio State University in 1980.

 In 1993, she returned to writing by originating and writing a pet care column for the local newspaper, The Playground Daily News. She wrote the column for six years until she and her husband were commissioned by the International Mission Board for a two year assignment in Southeast Asia and Oceania. While on the mission field, she often wrote and edited news releases concerning the persecution of Christians.

After the 2004 tsunami, she and her husband returned to the mission field for several weeks to work in disaster relief. During that time, she wrote a daily blog on their activities.  After returning from the mission field the second time, she and her husband went through the process of becoming certified foster parents, which they did for ten years, having cared for more than forty children and adopting one.

Her first novel Other People’s Children is a humorous, fictional account based on her and her husband’s experiences as foster parents, was released November 2017 by eLectio, a small, traditional Christian publishing company. Ellen is a practicing veterinarian, former missionary, foster parent, pastor’s wife and church pianist. She lives in Valparaiso, Florida with her husband, son, and assorted pets.

3 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Ellen Fannon

  1. I always enjoy 3 Questions Wednesday! I’m not familiar with Ellen, but who can resist humor in books! I definitely would like to go with her to Israel. I love the song “Blessings” by Laura Story, and love that God never wastes a hurt, or anything for that matter, but uses them to mold & change us to be more like Him. Great interview!

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