A Season Change and More Winners

Fall is upon us. The summer clothes are on the clearance racks and Halloween and autumn decorations are filling the shelves.

School. Cooler weather. Football. Winners.

Winners? Always at the Inspired Prompt. In fact,  August gave us:

Jennifer Hallmark is gifting a $10 Walmart gift card to Caryl Kane! Congratulations!

Betty Thomason Owens is blessing lelandandbecky  with a copy of Rebecca’s Legacy. Woo hoo!

An e-copy of Love Comes on Kitten Paws, which includes Darlene Franklin’s novella, Of Cash and Cats has been won by Marilyn R.  Yay!

Jessica Boudreaux’s giveaway can be found at  Amazon giveaways.

Barbara M. Britton will give away reader’s choice (print, e-book, or audio book) of Jerusalem Rising: Adah’s Journey to Ariel Masters. Congrats!

Thank you for taking time to read our posts and leave a comment. You are the best!

Please continue to leave comments while you wait to see if you might be our next winner…


5 thoughts on “A Season Change and More Winners

  1. Happy Sunday to everyone! Sun is shining here in coastal SC. My first children’s book was published this past week. “Licky the Lizard”. Lots of great activities happening in my life. I am thankful to God for His blessings. 🙂

  2. Fall is a beauty season to remind us God never changes and created beauty for us to take time to enjoy each day.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  3. Hello Jennifer,

    Being a cat lover winning Loves Comes on Kitten Paws, which includes Darlene Franklin’s novella, Of Cash and Cats will be a delightful collection for me to read.

    Email: Faithhope75@hotmail.com

    Thank you all for your blog. I’m enjoyed reading the various posts and learning more about writing and authors.


    Marilyn Ridgway


  4. Thank you and congratulations to the other winners! I really enjoy your 3 Questions Wednesday and meeting the authors.

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