The Write Course: 3 Minute Tips for the Beginning Writer

Jennifer Hallmark here. Welcome to my You Tube series called “The Write Course: 3 Minute Tips for the Beginning Writer.”

It’s time to launch into the adventure. Every Thursday, on the Inspired Prompt blog, we’ll compare the writing journey to a road trip. We’ll discuss topics of writerly interest such as where to begin, charting your course, places of interest, and your destination.

I’ll share a practical tip at the end of each broadcast and we’ll have loads of fun on the way. Are you ready? Buckle your seat belt and let’s go!

Episode 1: Today’s topic is Launch into the Adventure: Why go?

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Writing is an adventure. Don’t get lost on your way…

7 thoughts on “The Write Course: 3 Minute Tips for the Beginning Writer

  1. YAY you, Jennifer, for stepping out to do something new! I share a quote with my seniors on the first day of school: “Our comfort zone is the greatest enemy to our potential.” Look at you getting out of the comfort zone! (I detest making videos!)

  2. Great clip and tips, Jennifer. Thank you for getting out of your comfort zone. Something we all shy away from at times.

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