The Write Course: 3 Minute Tips for the Beginning Writer Episode 3

Jennifer Hallmark here. Welcome to my You Tube series called “The Write Course: 3 Minute Tips for the Beginning Writer.”

**I had a bit of a glitch yesterday and had to remove the “unedited” episode I accidentally uploaded. If you happened to see it, I’m sorry. I hope you had a good laugh since I tend to say “pause” each time I make adjustments before editing. 🙂

It’s time to launch into the adventure. Every Thursday, on the Inspired Prompt blog, we’ll compare the writing journey to a road trip. We’ll discuss topics of writerly interest such as where to begin, charting your course, places of interest, and your destination.

I’ll share a practical tip at the end of each broadcast and we’ll have loads of fun on the way. Are you ready? Buckle your seat belt and let’s go!

Episode 3: Today’s topic is Launch into the Adventure: Why go? Just For Enjoyment.

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